Blogging has now become a passion for me, and passing on my advice to others is great.

When it comes to passing on my organization, my fitness tips and helping people to build better self confidence I am also learning new ideas myself and it is finding out what works for you, as a person and finding out who you are.

I love being organized now and having a plan and list of tasks, and challenging myself to get the shopping bill down. I like having things to look forward to and having an idea of what is going to be happening the week ahead and the weekend.

Being organized is a learning process and it worth getting tips and advice from others, I did via books which I will do a blog on on sources of information and YouTube videos (I will feature this in my favourites list). Planning ahead gives you a direction and it does help the mind and anxiety, and knowing I don’t have to rush in the mornings to make sure I catch the bus on time for work.

Also being a Volunteer as a Football Coach and running a youth team and being an Avon Representative you have to plan and be organized to make sure you plan for the unexpected, and make sure I have my Avon orders processed and sent before deadline day.

Please see my other blogs posted on google blogspot, I do two one is related to my wordpress blog (see below) and the other blog is in regards to helping people who may have self confidence issues    like I have had and how they can overcome them.

I also have two websites one for my Avon and the other is sharing my passion in Sports and Fitness.

Many thanks for your time.


Carrie Challoner

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