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Quick Organising Tips


You don’t have to spend all day organizing but break it down so you get a bit each done each day and as you go.

Here are 10 tips that will help you,

1. Do short cleaning and organizing as well as setting aside a day or an hour to do it. It is amazing how much you get done in 10 minutes.

2. Tidy as you go, if you know that there is an item that you need to take into another room, and you are going into that other room, take that item with you and put it in its rightful place.

3. Create two baskets and inbox and outbox, for the main room that you use, so if it is living room, create a basket to bring stuff into the room, and one to take items out of the room and put them into their correct place.

4. Create a bin, basket, shelf or place if you have a cupboard or bookcase where you can keep all the items you use on a daily basis, so you can easily access them and you do not have to remove loads of items to get to them.

5. Remote controls: keep them near the TV, in a remote control organizer or put them on the coffee table neatly lined up so there is no chance of them falling down the side of the sofa.

6. Keep any fitness equipment near your Living room so you can easily access them and work out in front of the TV whilst watching your favourite TV programmes and also keep the workout DVD’s you use in the living room too, so they are not gathering dust and you can use them  whenever you want (there are 10 minute DVD workouts available which I will do a separate blog about). If you don’t use the fitness equipment or the workout DVD’s, then donate them and give them to a friend who might use them if you know they are into exercise or take them to a charity shop.

7. Open the post as soon as it arrives and then create a “Take action” pigeon hole using a desk paper organizer.

8. Any odd socks create an odd sock box and use them for quick dusting of the furniture9. Recycle envelopes for keeping receipts, especially electrical products for the warranty. Some manufacturers do offer a 2 year’s guarantee on some products such as Philips offer a 2 years manufacturing warranty on all domestic and personal appliance; some retailers offer extended warranties on electrical products and on furniture so do keep hold of these details, should anything go wrong.

10. Use storage boxes for storing food in the kitchen such as teabags, pasta, baking ingredients and shelf organizers to help create space and de-clutter your kitchen cupboards