Monthly Archives: May 2013

Organize your shopping


I organize everything from my laundry to my groceries, to unpack I put them into categories and then it is easy to put each item into the place where it should be, fridge, dry foods, fruit and vegetables etc, and the takes less than 5 minutes to put away.

Before you make your shopping list make a list of the meals you can make out the current groceries you have, so this will mean checking the fridge and cupboards to check on the items you have, and this will help minimise your wastage and you use what you have and the amount you spend as for example I know I can make at least 5 meals out of the groceries I have so I know I don’t need any more shopping until Friday or so.

I always as mentioned in my past blogs plan my meals in a week or two weeks in advance.

Making a list of the meals you can make on what you currently have and what ingredients you need to help create a meal from the items you already have will help to reduce the list and you buy items on what you need to add, to make those meals a week.

So don’t waste money on groceries think about how much you can save on the groceries and spend and save money on other things.

Many thanks for reading.

Carrie X