Organize an item a day


This is a strategy I have been following for a while and it works.

You don’t realise until you organize and de-clutter how much you accumulate.

My husband and I are in the process of moving, just waiting for it to all all go through and then hopefully we will be moving into our new place, in a about 4 weeks.

We aren’t moving to far from where we are now but moving into a bigger place and more of a house than a flat. However I still wish to keep things organized and keep things minimal so we still have a lot of space.

As I have been sorting threw things I saw that I have a lot of bags and so rather then spend money on boxes, use the storage bins we have and the bags I have to put things into that I don’t need right away or that I don’t use all the time.

I have done this with my toiletries organizing them first into toiletry bags and my hair care items, my hair dryer, straightener, my husband clippers and my curlers into a bag.

I have also gone through my receipts which I do twice a month and keep those that are for electrical equipment or housing maintenance for warranty purposes. Any receipts that are shows I paid by cash I instantly throw away, but the ones that show purchases made by credit or debit card I pass to my husband to shred.

My current document organizer

This is my Paper Desk tidy in it’s current spot.

I sorted through my paper desk tidy and all is clear and tidy, and what I used for receipts is now going to be for furniture and household magazines and catalogues that aren’t too heavy and for ideas on projects.

The space in which my desk tidy is situated is not ideal at the moment and am planning on having proper work space for my computer desk, printer, folders and

other related items to be built or at least created by new furniture in once place much better situated and tidier.

Once I complete my recipe book I will either do a video or photograph to show.

I have sorted through my recipe folder and arranging them in category which took two days and still to be finished by good to get started. Again when we have our new place this will be stored even in our new kitchen with my recipe books or in the work space on a bookcase or cupboard.

I then needed to sort out my kitchen and cupboards as we seemed to have a lot on the work tops and so cleared this by making more space in the cupboards, and so my food processor, blender and vegetable steamer are all neatly been put away in the cupboard and will get them out when we wish or need to use them. I also went through our baking ingredients as now and again I do like to bake, but some ingredients were out of date and so had to be thrown away. By doing his I now have one shelf completely clear which will again make it one less shelf for us to clear when it comes to putting these items in containers when moving.

My kitchen was already built when we moved in and not allowed to alter it, but there is not a lot of cupboard and storage space so it is about using what we have to making space.

This is my current kitchen in the flat my husband and I are living.

This is my current kitchen in the flat my husband and I are living.

The next thing will be my storage bin and folders in the living room, and so doing a bit as you go is really great to stay on top of things.

So clean as you go it makes life so much easier.

I love to clean and organize because it just feels better when all is clean and tidy, and not cluttered.

Many thanks for reading.

Carrie X

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