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Having some me time at Christmas


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As much as Christmas is about getting together with family and friends, and buying gifts for the people we love, I think it is also important that you also make the most of it for some “me time”, time for yourself to recharge those batteries, reflect on the year and start planning and making goals for the next year.


I am first to admit that I do like to over indulge at Christmas eating more, having a Christmas drink and spending more, but I do save too for each Christmas and having some relaxation. It will be my first sons Christmas so want to make it as special as possible, I didn’t manage to get a tree this year or send all my Christmas cards out but I do have my decorations up and have managed to get my food in, and buy gifts.

I can do the tree and other bits next year;I no longer get worked up if I do miss something off my list for Christmas, as long as I have the gifts and can spend time with the most important people to me, then that to me is a good Christmas.

What’s more with everything that has happened unexpectedly I have allowed myself to take time to recuperate having my lazy days back on as we have got closer to the festive season, and trying to get myself back to my normal self.

To give myself some me time is important to me as it gives me space from the busyness even if it is just 10 to 15 minutes. I will have an afternoon nap if I want to, blog, play music on my tablet, read a book, watch TV or YouTube. Find time for yourself allows your body too, to rest especially if you’ve had to work up all the way to Christmas day.

So come on it’s Christmas so why not put the chores off for a day or a couple of hours and give yourself that “me time” too so you can be already for the festive cheer and ready for the new year.

Merry Christmas everyone and a happy new year,


Thanks for reading,

Carrie X