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New year resolutions 2014


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Here we are now in 2014, and like all the beginnings of each year I have made my resolutions and set myself new goals.

Why you may ask?

I like to have things to looking forward to, and help develop myself as a person, and now I am a mum to set an example to my son.

I think it is important that you should set yourself goals and resolutions as it helps me personally to kick the new year on a positive and gives me new things to aim for, just helps me see what I can do and achieve for self esteem; so as written in my blog about my new fitness regime for 2014, I am going to get back into my fitness as I had to put it on hold when I was pregnant from 5 months onwards.

I also want to do a 10K this year not to kill one self but because I just do, it is a motivational thing, can’t explain really. I sure come the day I will probably regret this one.

To eat more healthy (not done well so far but always tomorrow). To learn and develop as a new parent and look after and enjoy my new son.

I will be doing more crafting, cooking and baking, so Mary Berry better watch out I could be the next Top British Baker. Looks like I might need a new kitchen especially if I happen to burn the one we have right now, sorry hubby, please don’t divorce me won’t be good for 2015. I’ll just bribe him with vanilla cupcakes as got this recipe spot on now, but he’ll probably end up being sick of these by then so may have to come up with another recipe that I can get perfect too.

I need to work on my communication as I don’t mean to but I most easily can snap at the moment, I think sometimes once you’ve had a baby you can turn into without meaning to motherzillar, which I do on occasions.

Keep writing as I love writing creating stories and blogging helps give me a break from every day responsibilities for half and hour, a hobby I really love.

So far 2014 has already started to flow by, and seems busier now than ever but looking forward to the months ahead watching my son grow and me getting back to some kind of normality if you can call it that.

Good luck everyone for 2014.

Thanks for reading my blogs, I will be posting more throughout the coming months for this year,

Carrie X