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My love for food


My love for food and I don’t mean stuffing my face, but from trying out new recipes has really expanded, therefore I am going to be posting my home cooking ideas and baking recipes on my new website where all the subjects I blog about will be posted from soon at

I will also be changing the organization of my kitchen which I will be posting about, and the products I have recently purchased. It’s amazing how even kitchenware with new manufacturing ideas have advanced with the new ceramic kitchenware available, and I will posting about the new ceramic wok I have bought, how good it is.

When I was young there were lots of food I did not like so at every meal I had were very basic, but meant that I didn’t take in all the good nutrition that a range of food offers such as calcium, iron and other vitamins and minerals.

Now I am a mum it is important that I maintain a good nutrtional diet as I would like my son also to like a whole range of food but at the same time have healthy nutrition in his daily meals. He is still on formula milk at the moment but in 3 months or so time it will be time for him to wean, and so I have cut down a lot on my sugar intake. I do like to bake but I don’t eat everything I bake as I do like to share the cakes and biscuits I make with other people. In any case one sugary thing isn’t gonna kill me as long as I do keep it within moderation.

The one thing I am very adamant about is I won’t be a mum who takes Henry to the sweet shop and buy him sweets for him everyday like I used to see lots of mums do after school would take their child to buy them sweets and it used to be literally everyday. I am not saying he won’t be allowed sweets, but it won’t be all the time; I want him to seen that they are a treat not something you need to have every single day. That will be the same when it comes to fizzy drinks, the amount of times I see a young child playing around with a coca cola bottle and when I see kids drinking fizzy drinks I can’t help but be dismayed.

It is amazing how your perspective on things do change as you get older, it has for me regarding food, I see it now learning more about food and what you can make, that it is ok to love your food it doesn’t always mean that your an overeater but you appreciate the food, the quality in the taste and appearance, it is still fine to splurge and pig out (again within moderation). I also see that cooking for me is a therapy and has also helped me to appreciate food a lot more.

Without food and water we couldn’t survive so why not love it for what it is as one day it could all be gone.

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