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A Daydream Believer


The person I imagine myself to be is someone who has accomplished her dream, I switch from imagining myself as a successful football coach who has made it to the top, to being an entertainer who can sing, dance and make people laugh, and then there is that writer in me, that imagines my books that I am currently writing and ones I wish to write in the future becoming bestsellers. That is not what makes me want to write, I write because I can use the images and dreams I have into stories. A book is like a movie on paper and can take you from your current location to a different place in your mind. That is why the mind we have is so powerful and we should use it to be powerful ourselves. However when I wake up into the real world I can find it hard at times, as the real world can feel a lot harder to face than the imaginary me and life I see in my head. However through learning about myself doing things I never thought I would do has helped me see that with hard work and commitment you can accomplish your dreams. I remember someone saying to me “Oh you have to be someone special and different to be anything successful in life” but I think I am, and I think we all are. Everyone has a strengths and weaknesses, something they are good at, aswell as things they aren’t so good at, it is just finding out what makes you tick and what excites you, makes you get up in the morning, makes you laugh out loud and makes you want more of. I have always been one of those that when I become a fan of something or I find a new passion, that is all I can think about, so that is all I will read about to the point I know so much I could write a book about it myself. People used to ask me and find me weird because I could just sit or lay there and daydream all day, and sometimes it has been what has stopped me in the passed as I do have the tendency to over analyse something or a situation which has then lead me to talking myself out of not doing something or going somewhere, then I have regretted that because I have missed out on a great opportunity. However I have learned that I am in control of my mind, and the mind is a special organ that we have in our bodies and so why not use it to help me be creative and follow my dreams. I have learned that I am in control of my mind and in control of my own destiny and so yes I do daydream but I am a very proud day dreamer. It is what helps me create stories, blogs and now I have started publishing Vlogs as a way of communicating to people and helping others with issues I have had to deal with, such as helping those who have not felt good about themselves or felt like they haven’t accomplished anything and about me being bullied. I would like to continue to do this along with other future projects which will help others accomplish and talk about their issues, and help them achieve the things they would like to. So yes the real world is tough at times but it is how you make it, and seeing my son beaming smile in the morning is what excites me, makes me want to get up in the morning and yes I want more of, plus my husband, my home and my passion for writing too. Dreams are there to be fulfilled so go and chase them you be surprised as to what dreams can really come true. Many thanks for reading, Carrie X

A Happy New Year


I haven’t posted on my WordPress site for a while as I have a different website where I blog now However thought I would use Wordpress as it is a free service from this year to post various blogs on various subjects.

This year I have already got myself a new Part time job which is temporary but will help with my finances for a while, and the funny thing is since becoming a mum it isn’t like going to work instead it is like taking a break from parent hood,as much a I love it and doing something else for a bit for the weekend and 3 evenings a week.

I love blogging and writing, I also have a Youtube channel where I have been taking about Building Self-confidence, as it is something that I really have had to work on, as I have had issues with my body image and experience bullying which I have also talked about.

So he is to a new year, I have set out new goals, which I will write in a separate blog and looking forward to the rest of 2015.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X