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Revamping my wardrobe

Revamping my wardrobe

last weekend after planning a few weekends before of organising and sorting out my wardrobe and the one in the guest bedroom, I finally got around to at least sort out my wardrobe. If I could have the Carrie Bradshaw Closet that Mr Big had, had build for her in the first movie of Sex And The City then I would probably live in there.

However at the moment I can only dream of that closet of Carrie Bradshaw’s and make the most of my own small built in closet.

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Not all my shoes are kept in the wardrobe as these are put in the shed if not suitable for the winter season, and the ones I am wearing at the moment are kept downstairs in the hallway, next to theĀ front door (see picture) which will be changing also, but trying to make the most of the space, furniture and storage we already have. Being on a tight budget we have to make the most of what we already have.

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After receiving some items I bought from Amazon, such as my new Hanging bag organiser I hung this up and used this to put in all my running bottoms rolled up neatly, Summer Maxi dresses, cycling shorts, my lounge clothes and tops I use for running in.

This has made such a different to the space. I do have to go through some more clothes which are in a vacuum bag at the moment to decide what I still want to wear and what can be usedĀ and turned into soft furnishings and what can be donated.

The little bags, bum bags I have were put into my large tote bags and rucksacks, and look at the after picture. What a difference? There is still work to be done, but happy with this result so far.

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I would always recommend these type organisers that hang inside the door, as you don’t have to necessarily use these for shoes but storing belts, gloves, hats, tights, scarfs etc.

Next thing is sorting out the guest bedroom wardrobe.

See next post.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X