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So I really wanted to post on my WordPress blog website today as it has been a while.

I now have my regular blog website, where I add my YouTube videos too. Please see my new post. A Haul Video:

This is of items I purchased during my Celebratory weekend, which I blogged on my Tales of My Travels page at and did a Days In My  Life video of this weekend too. Please visit my YouTube Channel to see all my videos


So July is almost over, got another week and it has been scorching hot in the U.K. Now all the schools have broken up for the School Summer Holidays I know many will be packing now looking forward to some time in the sun or on their way. Here are some tips if you are off on your holidays:

Tip 1: Anxious Traveller

Pack with a plan. Re-check hotel and location. If you don’t want to take your entire contents of your home, check to see what is supplied in your accommodation and if there are any shops around, where you can buy something if you need it.

Tip 2: Need and want list

Get a notepad, and draw a line in the middle of a page going down, and on the left is the Need list and on the right is the Want list. List all the items you need first, such as confirmation of booking, flight details, passport and clothes for climates that are really hot or cold.

Want items, make up, dressing up clothes and toiletries etc. These are want items because if you forget these they aren’t going to stop you from getting onto a plane.


Tip 3: Pack in easy access order and of what you need to change into wants you get to destination. Going first item you will wear to the last item.

Pack underwear first, spare shoes or sandals, swimming gear and then your clothes. Leaving night-clothes on top, especially if you are flying in the afternoon for example and won’t arrive at your holiday destination until the evening. If it is a morning flight, put the clothes for the beach or items you are going to change into wants you get there as your last items to pack.

Tip 4: Pack Suitcase before your hand luggage.

Lay every piece of your Suitcase luggage out, and then pack as suggested in Tip 3. According to what you will be needing first to the last thing you will need.

Tip 5: Anxious going through the Departure Lounge.

It can be the daunting part of the airport as most people are just genially going on holiday, but we can still get anxious. As sometimes we will put a large bottle of water in our bag forgetting the rules about large bottles through security. If you are worried about toiletries and make up in your hand luggage then take travel size items and pack then in your suitcase.

Pack what you need for the flight. You can worry about your other items once you get there. Just pack a spare pair of underwear in your hand luggage should your suitcase get lost. Not the first time this has happened, and not the last.


Tip 6: If sitting still is not your thing when waiting to board a flight.

Then keep yourself busy, by looking around the shops or journal how you are feeling. Even when it is a day trip somewhere I still get anxious. I will observe the feelings and address them if I need to, and journal and for every negative thought, I will think of a positive one.

Tip 7: Always have a book on you or a magazine. I love to read a book or a magazine. I love reading the ones on the planes. You have paid a lot of money for the flight so it is right you enjoy it and take advantage of the in flight service.

If all they promised wasn’t provided and you are left disappointed do write and complain. It is important for them to receive feedback even when it is negative for their own business to continue and if they are good enough they will learn from your letter of complaint.


Tip 8: Nervous about flying

Then think of things that make you feel comfortable and not nervous. We can’t control the future, like we can;t control the past, we can only control how we are in the moment. Watch a comedy the night before or chill out music. Whatever gives you that peace in your mind and worry about it when it comes. Coming back to Tip 1, if you plan ahead this will help with your peace of mind.

Tip 9: Do  your research of the place you are staying and what is around. See what entertainment there is before you go, and if you have any worries speak to your travel agent, you have paid them the money for the holiday so they should be able to support you and help make sure you have as much of a good holiday as possible.

Tip 10: Once there if you need a couple of days to relax before any trips to tour the island or other country you have visited then do so. Go for a walk in the mornings and remember your suncream. It is important to have a good holiday but also important to protect your skin too.

So to everyone who are travelling off on their holidays have a good one and keep safe.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X