Converting back


I have decided that I want to post more blogs again on this site, aswell on because I do enjoy posting from this website aswell as Carriesrealworld, and I going to in 2017 split my site into two.

More #tbc on this. It is good to have variety in your life and I am ready to take my blog writing to the next stage.

I would like to get in touch with my readers out there of what content you would like to see in my blog posts and in my YouTube videos.

Here is the link to my YouTube Channel:

Please see exclusive here now, my new Youtube Video I published today. It is the start of my Packing Series, as I haven’t posted this type of video this year. I am showing how I pack my bag for work at the weekends.

See below:

At times we all need change things up to help keep ourselves motivated for the things we enjoy and love, and that is the same for writing too.

So please watch this space for more content on this site to come.

I will be posting in the middle of each week of all the things that bring me joy and happiness.

Many thanks for everyone who have read my blogs, books and watched my videos so far, it really means a lot.


Carrie X



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