Making Changes


Hey to everyone, halfway through the week. My son is at nursery and I am doing some catching up on my blogs and videos today.

I wrote a blog yesterday

It was about making some changes to my website above, where I also post my blogs on my world and lifestyle. I am going to share the posts between that site and this site http://www.cazzachalloner40/


I will be changing my format of my site above and will be using my other WordPress sites too.

I really am need of a change and so this is why I have decided to make this collaboration.

I will no longer be posting blogs or videos on Mother and Baby subjects and The Parenting Adventure blog, on my site these will be written on my WordPress sites

I will share on the site above about the changes of my son as he continues reach different ages and stages of his development.

My other site

Here I will post tips and advice and sharing products used, and specific Mother and Baby Hauls, through blogs and videos.


I will be posting my other hauls, packing series, Planner and Filofax and my weekly blogs I write on Monday or Tuesday and Fridays, on along with my book reviews and weekly Vlog videos too.

My Fitness and Fundraising events I take part in each year, I will post on my WordPress site:

Anyway thank you so much to you all for reading my blogs and watching my YouTube videos:


Carrie X


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