New Name and New Blog



Announcement everyone you may see that this site is now under a new name. Yes it is.

I have named it to collaborate with my new page on 

I will post on this page weekly aswell as my other weekly pages on my first site linked above.


Yes it is the end of another week and today I posted on my facebook pages,

I am going to post on these weekly too, as part of my world I love checking out sales and bargains so I have wanted to for a long time to post sales to others as I love it when others do too. It is my way of giving back.

Yesterday I bought some really great goodies. I was given some birthday money so I had a little splurge or too and there are some great gift sets out at the moment in Boots and Wilko’s, not all beauty in Boots they had some household goodies, such as a mugs gifts set, candles and even some baking goods.


I bought this lovely Botanica gift set from Wilko’s for £5.00. They also have some great items for crafting if you are into decorating your planner, scrapbooking and card making.

I also bought some craft items from The Works too. Oh and I will be filming another haul video soon. Well Hauls.

I have a Savers Haul to film aswell.

So check out my carriesrealworld website and my facebook pages above for weekly posts of good sales on the high street and at Avon too.

Oh and before I forget I have posted a new blog on my fitness blog too: 

I have written about a question I get asked a lot as I like to keep fit which is, how do I find the time. Check my new post on this site now.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X



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