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Finally posted this midweek blog.


I have a new blog post on my website

I wanted to write about About those who scam. It is that time of year where they will be waiting on the surface so do be careful on the high streets and online.

I was writing this blog yesterday to be posted yesterday but I was not able to get onto the Internet to finish my midweek blog, so writing this now.

Yesterday morning I was so tired I could have slept on let daddy take Henry to nursery. The working late evenings and early mornings do really catch up. I decided to listen to one of my favourite types of music by Enya. I just needed to hear it whilst I got some more rest after dropping Henry off at nursery.

However I didn’t go back to sleep as by then I was awake, but it was worth a try. It isn’t always easy to sleep when your baby or toddler is sleeping. I find I am tired and can sleep at the wrong times like when I am at work at the weekend. So I just have to try whenever there is a free gap of time.

I wish I had a button that would help me to switch off and drop off to sleep. I admire those who can just turn over and then be in snooze-land .

I watched the final of The Great British Bake off, and I did predict it would be Candice to win as she became strong in the last 4 episodes. I was getting a bit fed up though, there’s always someone who is in tears after they get criticism especially from Paul Hollywood. I know it isn’t nice to get criticism at times but you have to be tough skinned. You don’t go on these programs to get praise all the time. The reason why it is a challenge.

I am a bit sad it is the last episode though, not sure what I will be watching now on a Wednesday evening. A good excuse to get more work done or an early night I suppose.

Today my mum and Sister-in-law with my son and nieces, went to London Zoo. First time for Henry, and I haven’t been there in years. We couldn’t workout where it was once we got to Regents Park Station, so we jumped in a cab who knew.



I will do a blog about tomorrow on on My Tales of My Travels page. (Please click on link below):

I love sharing my days out and trips to places. I don’t always get a chance these days so when I do, I do make the most of them.

I also wrote an article on my Hubpages Articles yesterday about Paranoia as I do support Mental Health as it can effect so many people. I do think that more help and support should be given to those with emotional issues. Paranoia is one. It can effect relationships with people and your life, if you allow it to take control.

So I wrote the article to help and give advice to those who feel paranoid a lot of the time, from my own experience of what I have done and do to help me, when I feel paranoid.

I will let you know once this is published, I in the process of editing this now.

I will be doing my end of the week blog tomorrow too. It has been an eventful week and have packed in so much. So I am going to close this blog here, but thank you to all whom have read my blogs so far  and have a good rest of the week.


Carrie X

That is so not cool


Hey all, it is Wednesday and posting a bit late on my midweek blog. I was going to write it whilst Henry had his nap after I had written on my other wordpress sites, see my recent posts on:

However as children can be unpredictable and their naps reduce as they grow, Henry woke up earlier than expected and was Mr Grumpy for about half and hour.

It is amazing what a bit of food and music can do, to change a child’s mood.


Image from:

As I was heading out to pick up Henry I saw these girls sitting on the public footpath smoking. I would say were sixth form, as they were sitting near the school where my husband used to work, but were in their own clothes.

Seeing the girl smirk as I saw her look at me whilst lighting,  it really reminded me of when I went to school, and girls would smoke whilst sitting up near the porter-cabins, which were temporary classrooms.

The same old look as if they are really cool and confident. It made me think those adverts you used to see in the 80’s, where a teenager would be smoking and then another teenager would turn around and I can’t remember the exact words, but it was on the lines of “Smoking isn’t cool”, and I do see the look still on some teenager’s faces like “Yeah I am so old enough to smoke”, in their uniform.

I to be honest was never into smoking, I did try it when drinking but it was never something that I liked the taste of. I never mind people smoking around me, but I just never liked it.

My husband smoked when we first got together up until our second year of marriage or so, and that was it, he hasn’t touched a single cigarette since, not even had a craving or anything.

When I worked on the cigarette counter at a Supermarket,  that was one of the main products sold everyday. In fact I can see why the cigarette industry has made a lot of money, as some people wouldn’t come into the store and buy one pack they would buy a 100 pack of 20 or 25 cigarettes.

My mum has always smoked, she did give it up after having an really bad ear infection and then suddenly she began again. To her it is her break from everyday and a chance to chill with a cup of tea.

I grew up with smokers, such as my granddad, who smoked until he very last day. He always said “If I die of smoking, at least I died happy”, which was the outlook upon smoking for some people. I used to envy the smokers sometimes at work places, as they would all be outside chatting, whilst I would be tapping at the computer keyboard.

However I don’t for the life of me think it is cool, but something people see as a release to have a chill and a chat with other people.

To some it is an addiction, and they want to give up but can’t. I would say to them is, do it for the right reasons, not for others but for yourself. My husband he did try a few times before to give up, before the very last time and failed. We even had a row over a plate of chips and draw, on one occasion.

Then out of the blue he said to me “This is going to be last cigarette” and it was.

Now I do notice how his skin on his face is a lot better, he has saved money and he has realised it isn’t something you do need in your life.

So too all those teenagers who think it is cool, don’t feel that smoking is, if you want to smoke then do so, but don’t think it will make people see you as grown up. NO.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X



Seasons Changing fast, time to save


You can definitely tell that the season has changed, with conkers on the ground and the nip in the air. This time of year the purse strings have to be tightened with Halloween, Guy Fawkes Night, birthdays and then the festive season, Christmas.

It is also the time of year I have clear up.

“Get rid of the old and bring in the new, give it a try you may never want you will find, if you don’t give it a go”. 

A good way of making extra money is by selling items via a car boot sale, eBay or give to your local Goodwill store or Charity shop. There are sites where you can sell books, CD’s and DVD’s.

Check out MoneyExpert website brilliant place where you can get tips on paying off debts, saving money and earning extra dosh.

I have added more sales and offers on my Facebook page too:

Dorothy Perkins are doing 20% off everything. What I do when paying off a balance I pay more off so I get part of the payment in credit. That way I have money already on there to use. So gonna use this to save for some birthday gifts and Christmas.

I also save on points cards, and if you are like me love a gift set, then check some different ones, at Twinnings they do gifts sets from about £5.00. Great for those tea lovers or why not use your Boots coupons on No 7 products and use this to get £3 off to create your own gift set.

So time to say goodbye got to see to my son who has been napping and I will blog again next week. I would love to hear from you if you too have any money saving tips and for those who also do a seasonal clear up.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

Keep The Faith In Others


I was going to type on here this morning at about 4am when I was wide awake and needed to get on with something. Yes that isn’t a typing error that was the time. I had woken from a dream and could hear my husband chatting to our son, whilst changing his nappy. Thank you hubby.

Then he made me a cup of tea and I was wide awake so got up to do some work on the computer but had already started something else that I had left from yesterday so got on with that instead and edited a video, ready to publish. It’s uploading now.

I just this minute as I continue write this blog, added the music in part of my video. It is a recipe. Banana Loaf Cake from All Recipes 

I then once finished editing my video, became tired again and did manage to get another hour or so of sleep.


Sorry I had put this blog on hold for half an hour or so. I got the chance to have a nice hot bath, using Avon Golden Moments bubble bath. I don’t always get the luxury of a bath these days, so when an opportunity comes along I make the most of it.

See photo of the bubble bath below, take from:


Avon Golden Moments Bubble Bath

I took my son to the doctors yesterday because his cold seemed to be getting worse and usually when that happens it means he is developing a Chest Infection. Lucky whilst waiting in the surgery to see the doctor and Henry was about to kick off my husband turned up to meet me. We waited over an hour.

Once seen by the doctor it was literally 10 minutes in and then out.

Lucky my son is all good and it is just a cold.

I do dread doctors surgery now because every time I have gone there I have had to wait for ages. It does appear that we are struggling for GP’s and doctors. You think of the size of this country and the amount of people we have living here, you can’t help but think why.

There was another mum there too who had two children. One who was I would say near to Henry’s age and an older child. They helped entertain Henry too with no questions asked, especially the older child. The little one was a bit resistant, but she was only tiny. They were doing High five and Henry kept wanting to hug the younger child, and then cheer as he does when he does high five. He does love other children. As soon as he sees other children playing he is off.

I forgot to say to the mum and her two children thank you. As they were a great help in keeping my son from having a breakdown. I have experience snobby mums, but when meeting the mum like I did yesterday helps to restore my faith in people.

Thank you to the lady and her children they are a credit to the world and society.

So I better go now as I can hear that Henry is awake, but I will blog again on this site next week.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X