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Hey all, it is Wednesday and posting a bit late on my midweek blog. I was going to write it whilst Henry had his nap after I had written on my other wordpress sites, see my recent posts on:

However as children can be unpredictable and their naps reduce as they grow, Henry woke up earlier than expected and was Mr Grumpy for about half and hour.

It is amazing what a bit of food and music can do, to change a child’s mood.


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As I was heading out to pick up Henry I saw these girls sitting on the public footpath smoking. I would say were sixth form, as they were sitting near the school where my husband used to work, but were in their own clothes.

Seeing the girl smirk as I saw her look at me whilst lighting,  it really reminded me of when I went to school, and girls would smoke whilst sitting up near the porter-cabins, which were temporary classrooms.

The same old look as if they are really cool and confident. It made me think those adverts you used to see in the 80’s, where a teenager would be smoking and then another teenager would turn around and I can’t remember the exact words, but it was on the lines of “Smoking isn’t cool”, and I do see the look still on some teenager’s faces like “Yeah I am so old enough to smoke”, in their uniform.

I to be honest was never into smoking, I did try it when drinking but it was never something that I liked the taste of. I never mind people smoking around me, but I just never liked it.

My husband smoked when we first got together up until our second year of marriage or so, and that was it, he hasn’t touched a single cigarette since, not even had a craving or anything.

When I worked on the cigarette counter at a Supermarket,  that was one of the main products sold everyday. In fact I can see why the cigarette industry has made a lot of money, as some people wouldn’t come into the store and buy one pack they would buy a 100 pack of 20 or 25 cigarettes.

My mum has always smoked, she did give it up after having an really bad ear infection and then suddenly she began again. To her it is her break from everyday and a chance to chill with a cup of tea.

I grew up with smokers, such as my granddad, who smoked until he very last day. He always said “If I die of smoking, at least I died happy”, which was the outlook upon smoking for some people. I used to envy the smokers sometimes at work places, as they would all be outside chatting, whilst I would be tapping at the computer keyboard.

However I don’t for the life of me think it is cool, but something people see as a release to have a chill and a chat with other people.

To some it is an addiction, and they want to give up but can’t. I would say to them is, do it for the right reasons, not for others but for yourself. My husband he did try a few times before to give up, before the very last time and failed. We even had a row over a plate of chips and draw, on one occasion.

Then out of the blue he said to me “This is going to be last cigarette” and it was.

Now I do notice how his skin on his face is a lot better, he has saved money and he has realised it isn’t something you do need in your life.

So too all those teenagers who think it is cool, don’t feel that smoking is, if you want to smoke then do so, but don’t think it will make people see you as grown up. NO.

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Carrie X



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