Finally posted this midweek blog.

I have a new blog post on my website

I wanted to write about About those who scam. It is that time of year where they will be waiting on the surface so do be careful on the high streets and online.

I was writing this blog yesterday to be posted yesterday but I was not able to get onto the Internet to finish my midweek blog, so writing this now.

Yesterday morning I was so tired I could have slept on let daddy take Henry to nursery. The working late evenings and early mornings do really catch up. I decided to listen to one of my favourite types of music by Enya. I just needed to hear it whilst I got some more rest after dropping Henry off at nursery.

However I didn’t go back to sleep as by then I was awake, but it was worth a try. It isn’t always easy to sleep when your baby or toddler is sleeping. I find I am tired and can sleep at the wrong times like when I am at work at the weekend. So I just have to try whenever there is a free gap of time.

I wish I had a button that would help me to switch off and drop off to sleep. I admire those who can just turn over and then be in snooze-land .

I watched the final of The Great British Bake off, and I did predict it would be Candice to win as she became strong in the last 4 episodes. I was getting a bit fed up though, there’s always someone who is in tears after they get criticism especially from Paul Hollywood. I know it isn’t nice to get criticism at times but you have to be tough skinned. You don’t go on these programs to get praise all the time. The reason why it is a challenge.

I am a bit sad it is the last episode though, not sure what I will be watching now on a Wednesday evening. A good excuse to get more work done or an early night I suppose.

Today my mum and Sister-in-law with my son and nieces, went to London Zoo. First time for Henry, and I haven’t been there in years. We couldn’t workout where it was once we got to Regents Park Station, so we jumped in a cab who knew.



I will do a blog about tomorrow on on My Tales of My Travels page. (Please click on link below):

I love sharing my days out and trips to places. I don’t always get a chance these days so when I do, I do make the most of them.

I also wrote an article on my Hubpages Articles yesterday about Paranoia as I do support Mental Health as it can effect so many people. I do think that more help and support should be given to those with emotional issues. Paranoia is one. It can effect relationships with people and your life, if you allow it to take control.

So I wrote the article to help and give advice to those who feel paranoid a lot of the time, from my own experience of what I have done and do to help me, when I feel paranoid.

I will let you know once this is published, I in the process of editing this now.

I will be doing my end of the week blog tomorrow too. It has been an eventful week and have packed in so much. So I am going to close this blog here, but thank you to all whom have read my blogs so far  and have a good rest of the week.


Carrie X

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