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What’s been going on and Christmas guide


Sorry for no post last week. It appears the Nora Virus is in fall swing and I was struck down by it last Wednesday. All I could do was lay down and couldn’t even contemplate posting a blog.

My little boy Henry was struck by it on Monday and my mum on Tuesday.

What I would say is, clean all areas and once it has passed, make sure everything is washed, cleaned and sanitised just in case.

I have posted more videos since my last post two weeks ago, and are available to watch at:

I posted a new video today on my Filofax and Planner page on the above site too, this is available to watch via this link below:

I have completed my Christmas shopping HOORAY! So it is just filming a few more gift guides and home decor, get those up and then put out my decor to then continue to look forward to the festive day. Christmas.

So if you are needing some inspiration then here are some great money saving ideas:

  • Make a CD for your love ones. Gone are the days of when we used to record songs on tapes, now you can do it all in the comfort of your own home. You can even make a personalised DVD of some favourite photos with some of your love one’s favourite songs.
  • Buy a hamper and then separate the items into different gifts. You have Lakelands, M&S, Freemans even, or Waitrose, who all do hampers. Or why not make your own from purchasing items from your local supermarket
  • Make your own chocolates. I did a video on how to do this a while ago, please see video below. It is so easy that I am making some more this year aswell.

  • Make a scrapbook for someone special in your life, great way to go through all your photos and collaborate them. Let’s face it, I bet there are many of us who have tons of photos yet we have no idea of what to do with them. I have done this for both my brother and my mum for their birthdays. You can do it as a Christmas gift too.
  • If you know someone who has just had a baby then why not create them a hamper of all the essential items they may need and some next sizes of vest and sleep suits, and don’t be shy about using ones you may already have which are in good condition. It isn’t about the piece or where it came from, but the meaning behind, and remember children grow up fast, so using second hand items saves you and them money too.
  • Create a children’s saving account and why not create a certificate to say you are going to give them £50 for example to their account to use for something special. I know from experience that Henry doesn’t need a lot of toys as he has so many so donating money into his account, will not only save us money on another toy he may grow out of but save him money in the future. He has money in his account ready for when he truly goes out into the big wide world. You have to plan for the future aswell as the present
  • Do secret Santa amongst friends or family. Or do a lucky dip and create a theme and remember to create a limit (budget) ours at my work this year is £5.00.

So I am going to get on with the rest of my day, but there will be more to come soon, so keep reading guys and thank you all for your support.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

Waiting for a delivery


It is Thursday evening and I can’t believe how fast this week has gone. Tomorrow it will a week ago since my husband’s mum and dad came down for Henry (my son’s) birthday.

Also a week ago since it was my brother’s birthday. I stayed in today waiting for a delivery. I really don’t like it when you get a text from the delivery services some retailers use, saying “Delivery will be before 9pm”. I really want to apply, “I hope so, any later you’ll disturb my son sleeping and usually I am in bed by then, watching TV”. Tonight I watch DIY SOS (when it is on) and The Apprentice.

As if any company would deliver up until midnight. Well I would hope not anyway, and it doesn’t help anymore knowing that you may have to stay in all day, because as luck has had it, as soon as I leave the house, it will be delivered. I can guarantee that, so it is good you get a text knowing that the delivery will be today, but it would be nice if they said between 1pm to 4pm  for an example, then you have more idea of when it will arrive and then I can plan to go out for a couple of hours.


However it gave me a chance to upload a video I edited yesterday, and do some cleaning.

Plus I am reading a really good book called “The Gospel According to Drew Barrymore” A brilliant read. I will do a review on soon.

I haven’t watched I’m a celebrity get me outta here yet. I haven’t really had a chance with it being a busy time of year. I hope to catch up soon.

I still got to catch up on Strictly come dancing from last Saturday. It really is a busy season and I have almost got all my gifts for this year. I have bought some gifts from as like Freemans too, are doing 3 for 2 on many of their items. However I do find that Very is a lot more cost effective than Freemans. Some items I do find are too expensive in price, and many of their items are no different to what they sold last year.

Just got a few more to buy and I am going to be making a Christmas Cake this year to take up to Southampton to my In-laws, I would say always plan to do this a month ahead.

When done I will post a picture.

I wrote a new blog on my website below, about Loneliness, which you can check out on my WordPress site 

There will be a lot of people who will feel lonely this time of year. Christmas is about sharing love with others and if you know someone who is lonely then give them your time, have a coffee with them or a drink, just knowing that there is someone who does care for them, can mean an awful lot.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

Motown Takes Me Back


Hi All, A new Weekly Midweek blog post.

I have been a busy bee today. I have just posted a new Haul Video, check this out now below:

They are one of my favourite type of videos I love to do. I have also written some new blog posts on my other WordPress sites, so check these out now via the links below:

It is so cold outside now, that I had to have some Supernoodles for my lunch. I know there will be people tutting as I say this, but I like them when it is cold, with a cup of tea and perhaps a Jammie Dodger for afterwards.

The tea I drink usually during the day is Earl Grey, my favourite tea.

I have been sorting out my home, starting my Autumn clear up, I did mention this on my Monday blog

See pictures of my new look for my make up and toiletry station in my bedroom.


I love my little Make Up Storage Caddy from Lakeland’s at £16.99 on the top of the corner unit. It really has helped to store my make up and because it didn’t store so much, made me have a clear out. I felt so much better for doing so. The toiletry bags next to it, either side on the top are from Cath Kidston. It was an offer they were doing 2 toiletry/make up bags for £18. One of the toiletry/make up bags stores my make up remover wipes, pads and evening face creams. The other one stores my lip sticks.

My son, Henry if you read my blog on  

I talk about transitions, and his cot has now been changed into, a toddler bed.

It was a bit different for him the first night, but he has soon gotten used to it. He is napping now, as he had been to nursery today and he had a good day. I think he is ready to do a full day, so that will be one of the next transitions. You learn as you go, as a parent when your child is ready for change or the next step.

I am at the moment listening to Diana Ross, Greatest Hits album. I love her music and Motown, and she is the Motown queen as far as I am concerned. It was music I grew up on, as a child.

My dad every Sunday would before he went off to the pub, in the mornings, play his many records and at least one song would be the lady herself. As soon as I hear her music, it takes me straight back to those times.

Sunday’s were a day when, unlike today, everything would be closed, apart from some of the newsagents, so people could pick up their Sunday papers and the pubs would open at 12pm. Other than that, it was a quiet day and we would often some Sundays, if my dad didn’t go down to the pub, go and feed the ducks by Hammersmith Bridge.

Or we would go to meet my dad in Chelsea and then stay out for the day.

How times have changed.


So I am going to get on with the rest of my Wednesday, but I will blog again at the end of the week, have a good rest of the week everyone.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X





Get Inspired


Hello and welcome to a new midweek blog. I have a new Haul Video up on my YouTube Channel, which is a Poundland Haul video. I am  showing some lovely stickers, stocking fillers and some notebooks I have bought to use for my planners.

Check it out below, and here is a link to my channel to see all my videos I have posted.

I have added the video to my other website on my Hauls Page.

I have just written a new blog on The Parenting adventures site, about my son and how much he has grown and developed, now he is coming up to 3 years old.

If you read my blog I wrote on you would have read that I have fallen in love with a new type of music. I am still obsessed, I am into Annie Moses Band music, and there is one particular song that I am constantly playing, which when you click above highlighted in blue, on Annie Moses Band; it will take you to this song on YouTube.

It is amazing how such a tune can suddenly take over your vision. I am someone who when I become a fan of something. That is it, I am a fan, and I will be loyal and will contribute to that item I am a fan of, by buying an album or saving to see them in concert for example.

I now am going to find out if they are ever coming over to the UK and see if I can go and see them in concert.

I have also been doing a lot of soul searching and looking into new ways to help build myself. I have my hubpages article up and ready to read see link:

It is about Paranoia and how it can be such an emotional demon to us at times, and how to address Paranoia and deal with those feelings.

I have been watching a lot of videos for inspiration, on building myself and my career, and I came across these videos by a guy called Lewis Howes, who like himself speaks to a lot of entrepreneurs, and interviews people like, Tony Robbins, whom to me is so inspiring and speaks what we all know is true, but often we don’t see it.

He makes it so obvious to why sometimes we get stuck in a rut. It is an emotional trap we get into when we continuously feel  we aren’t going anywhere. I wanted to share one of his interviews below, with the guy himself Tony Robbins. If you want to learn about Financial Freedom, creating an empire, dealing with emotional dilemmas, watch these videos. Truly inspiring.

So my son has now woken from his nap. I was writing this before and after I picked him up from nursery, which is always when he sleeps. So I have to go, but I will blog again on Friday on my other site, and will be posting more on my other sites too, on

So until then have a good rest of the week.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X