Off To See Santa


It is another Wednesday and in the middle of the week already. Christmas Day is closing in and today my son has his first ever Christmas party later today, so he will be at his nursery for most of the day today. Then we are off to see Santa Claus.

Check out your area news to find out when Santa will be visiting you,  so your children can pay a visit to him, before he delivers those gifts on the night of Christmas Eve.

I have done some of my Christmas cards, each year I get organised but I forget to send all of them, lets hope I can get them to every body this year as planned.

My hubby and I have decided we aren’t exchanging gifts this year, but we have bought bits for the home, I have bought some decor and I have seen some lovely bowls in Poundland which I want to buy and he has bought a carpet cleaner for the home. We have often done this or bought a joint gift, something we both want, instead of individual presents. Super idea when on a budget and it keeps items coming into the home minimal. That is going to be my aim for 2017, is clear more out, and have a minimum of stuff.

Today I have also been using the extra time I have to catch up on my journals. I have a Happy Journal, which is all about the things that have made me happy and my photo journal which is similar but has some sad events aswell but celebrating those we have lost too.

The one thing I do as it comes to this time of year, is to look back on the year and reflect.

What I enjoyed, accomplished, what have I learned and what I plan for the new year ahead.


My Happiness Journal purchased from TKMaxx.


My photo journal which I have created using this 2016/17 Diary from Paperchase.

I also have a notepad bought from Paperchase, which I use as a Bullet Journal. Another great way to list what needs to be done each day and what I have accomplished each day and week. Really helps when some days I feel that I haven’t achieved much at all.

So I am going to get back into it, and post some more blogs and plus going to add some sales and bargains to my facebook page

So make sure you go and check this out.

Until next week have a great rest of the week and look out for more blogs to come.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


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