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Getting Ahead of myself


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I want to get ahead of myself this year. So this week I am dedicating to Valentines Day.

Less than a month away, and I will be creating videos too, leading up to the day.

I used to be so resentful when it came to valentines, I saw it as a waste of money, and it’s only created for companies to get more money out of people.

However as I have gotten older, and I would like to think wiser, I do see it differently.

It is how you make it that matters.

I use it as a way for myself and hubby to treat each other, and this year we are going to make gifts for one another this year.

You don’t have to spend money, but if you did want to get a little something or decorate your home to celebrate the day, then there are some good low cost items.

I will be showing some good gift ideas in a video soon.

Plus giving tips on “How to meet someone”.

I have been married for over 10 years now, and no I am not an expert at relationships, and I was never a girl whom had loads of boyfriends. I suffered with social anxiety and to beat fears of meeting someone, you need to get yourself out of the house.

Being within 4 walls isn’t gonna make yourself feel better.

Check out Amazon for some great Valentines Decor and gifts, they always have such a good collection.

Happy Valentines Day Personalised Teddy Heart Chocolate Bar 100g Personalised Teddy Heart Chocolate

Check out gift above from Amazon, Happy Valentines Personalised Teddy Heart Chocolate bar  for £3.94 by Gift Rush.

Themed Cushions, this can be bought for Valentines or for a Wedding Anniversary coming up. If it happens to be on the same day, then why not celebrate by adding these to your home.

Price: £2.99 by Omiky.

Or why not check out Poundland they always have some great items for valentines, and I got a lot of items from there last year that I used. I gave one to my husband for fathers day aswell as valentines day.

Valentine's Day Heart Cushion

Check out this cushion for example, great if you don’t wanna pay over £2 from Amazon, as what I would say is check delivery, when ordering items from Amazon, to see how long it will take. Remember that if you become a Prime member you can get a lot of items next day delivery free of charge, or even on the same day, depending on where it is shipped from.

If Poundland is on your doorstep then it is worth checking it out, for those fun and quirky gifts and home decor.

Valentine's Day Memory Box

Check out this Valentines Day Memory box, from Poundland, great to store some keepsakes; those photos from when you first met up until present, or a gift your partner first bought you.

My advice is to have fun and not to take it seriously. I see these yearly occasions to have fun and celebrate them with who ever you love.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X





Thursday’s, cleaning and pottering


Hello all! Happy New year to you, if you didn’t see my first blog I wrote at the new year.

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Thursdays for me are my catching up on cleaning, pottering around and doing what I feel like day, as Wednesday’s are getting my online content together and filming, editing.

I do, do a bit of cleaning aswell, on other days, but my main days are Mondays and Thursdays.

I like having a day in, a day where I can sleep in if I wish to and catch up on errands, watch a bit of morning TV, and potter around.

My favourite thing.

Pottering around is bliss for me.

I don’t have to get dressed if I do not wish to, but I will put some day clothes on and may if I feel like it put a bit of make up on too, but sometimes I don’t even feel like doing that.

It is important to me, to have a day of calm, do what I want, when I want and not have to follow any particular schedule, as I can become overwhelmed when I have too many structured days.

The other great part is that I get to spend some quality time with my son, as tomorrow he will be at nursery for most of the day, so I get to play, watch a bit of children’s TV (This morning Mr Tumble, which he loved) and help him with his development, which I was doing this morning.

I am going to go and put some clothes on now, as we are going to spend sometime out in the garden before this snow/rain blizzard we are supposed to have, arrives.

Apparently it is supposed to set, so looks like it will be a great time to get out those Snow-slays, and I will take Henry out in the snow, if it does, as I feel it is important for him to experience.

I know snow can be a pain in the butt, because the train system isn’t good at the best of times, but can come to a halt when it snows and cause problems with the traffic, but here in surrey and being from London originally, snow isn’t something that we often experience, so I like to enjoy it when it does.

All I would say is to wrap up, and put some non slip shoes on like wellies or snow boots, and let the kids have fun.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

Happy New Year 2017



Even now at the age of 38, it still feels strange that two days ago it was 2016 and now we are in 2017.

I still find it difficult to get my head around. No idea why, its just a number.

I want to say “Hang on a minute not ready for this switch over just yet”.

However here I am on Monday 2nd of January at 19:39 hours, blogging on this site for the first time in the new year of 2017.

How many of us were looking forward to the new year? Not looking back on 2016?

I know it was a difficult year for my family and I, due to the loss of someone close to us.

There is no going back once we move forward in time.

Time can either be with us or against us, and one thing I have learned from last year is that every minute in the present has to be treasured as life can so quickly change before you know it.

This year, like the ones before, I am not going to make resolutions as such but life changes that will help continue to move me forward so I don’t get lost in the time, and make the most of the present.

The other thing I am make each year is a wish list and these are for 2017, as follows…

My Wish list for 2017

  • Go to a music festival, I am in need of a good Gig
  • Visit a Cider Festival
  • Go to the Borough Market and buy some lovely food and drink to bring home
  • A Vanity unit or Dressing Table for my bedroom
  • A new smart TV
  • Join a fitness class
  • Go to a football match
  • Take Henry to a rugby match


Then I have other goals which I set every year and little goals along the way to help me towards the big goals.

Never over exceed yourself, prioritize and make this year better than the last

It all about living the moment and forgetting about the past that can never be altered, but learned from.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X