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We did 4 Parks


Visit London

This week. well Monday we did 4 parks. Holland Park, Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park and St James Park.


Today we did Kensington gardens, Hyde Park and visited once again, one of my sons favourites places the Science Museum. I take him to the Basement part, where you have a little soft play trolley thing with cushions, large Lego Bricks, a climbing frame, a water attraction with little boats and other activities children can do.

Holland Park has a lovely sandy playground inside, and some gorgeous gardens. Then from there along a bit further down, passed Kensington High Street onto Kensington Palace Gate, you’ll pass the albert memorial and Albert hall on your right, or the other end leads to Notting hill Gate. You’ll see these wonderful attractions as you walk through Kensington gardens, then onto if you walk along that end, of the royal park, which then leads to, Hyde Park. The road in between these two, if you take a right from Kensington gardens side, and carry on down this road, keep going you will come to the Imperial College. Then close by you come to the entrance to the Science Museum.

Through Hyde Park there is the Serpentine where you can have a bite to eat or a brew.

A great Spring and Summer treat, and place to be. We saw the Queens guards today playing music looking towards Kensington Palace Gate. This is an amazing sight to see, in their armour.

There are several ends to Hyde Park. if you walk down along passed the entrance near Bayswater, Lancaster Gate side, this will lead you onto Marble Arch which leads you onto Bond Street, Oxford street and the other end near Kensington will lead you towards Green Park, St James Park, Victoria and if you head towards Green Park you can end up in Piccadilly Circus, where you’ll find the Trocadero.

It can be so easy to get lost in such a big city like London, and even though I spent 18 years of my life living in London, I still have gotten lost at times.

Check out Visit London (link above the start of this blog).

However even I have managed to find my way around the big city.

There are plenty of buses you can catch, into London and trains too.

If you ever are lost always ask a cab driver as they always should know where they are going, or find the local tourist information.

The parks are great for running aswell as walking and playing. They often hold concerts and events. Plus running and fundraising events too, like Race for Life, the Royal Parks half marathon and many more.

So where do you like to go and what places would you recommend visiting.

I would love to know.

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Carrie x




Celebrate National Women’s Day


Yes today is National Women’s Day, and I do think being able to grow another human being inside  your tummy,  is truly magnificent if not a miracle.

We I think as women not saying men don’t as well, but put a lot of pressure on ourselves,  I am so guilty of that. So have that manicure, that steaming hot bath, that dress you have had your eye on and have that glass of wine.

Why not, we have something to celebrate.

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The Women who inspire me are people like Oprah Winfrey, because of how honest she has been and the fact she would talk about real life issues, which she has gone through. Her battle with her weight and how I remember one show she read her diaries about her battle with trying to stay slim and the mistakes she made.

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The other women are Judy Garland, for her amazing voice, and I think she had an amazing smile; starred in some amazing films one being the most famous, Wizard Of Oz.

Then you have Queen Elizabeth, who hasn’t been well recently, but always makes and effort no matter what. Kate Middleton, now Duchess of Cambridge, I think she has shown how down to earth she is, and how professional she is, and still being a young mum and wife.

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Diana of course. I cried my heart out when she lost her life and it still makes me tingle with how sad that week was when she lost her life. She gave so much to her charities and effort she went to, to stop Landmines Truly magnificent.

So lets raise a glass to all the ladies who have inspired us and continue to do so.

Many thanks for reading.


Carrie X







My dream home consists of Nigella Lawson’s Pantry, Jamie Oliver’s kitchen, living by the sea, with a huge garden, a music room, a home cinema, gym and Carrie Bradshaw’s walk in Closet, a home office of my own and Games room for Elv and Henry, who would also have a playroom, and a room where we can entertain our friends and family.

Will these things ever become a reality who knows but it is still good to dream.

I daydream all the time about living a different lifestyle, being in a totally different environment, and being surrounded by different people, who I haven’t even met.

Sometimes the dream is better than the reality, from experience sometimes the reality can be disappointing to the fantasy you see in the image of your mind.

I sometimes dream when I sleeping of an entire film from the beginning or the end, and it can be a film I have seen, or it can be a film I am in.

I use this to help me with my writing, and jot them down as dreams are a great source as a writer.

Never under estimate the power of the dream, as many an idea has come from someone dreaming of it first, visualising.

In my blog website

I talk about visualisation, about those who first thought of building a castle, came from someones mind and imagination. They would have dreamt it whether awake or a sleep.

Dreams are dreams. There are bad dreams too, and it is up to you to decide if you want to the good dreams to come true or not. That is the power of the mind.

However sometimes, it is best to be left as a dream, and live for the now too.

So dream a little dream, and if it brings and idea of a job you want or a place you would like to be, as I often dream  of travelling then why not make the dream a reality.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X




Hello! Feels like ages since I wrote on this page. I have just written a new blog on my website The Parenting Adventures Tips and Tricks site.

Talking about, learning the transitions and adjusting to them, as your child grows. Such as Potty Training which we are beginning to do, and then it will be nursery to may be a Pre-school to going to actual school.

Time travels fast, so I have been trying more to focus on today instead of looking to far ahead. The things I do write down is any appointments for Henry and myself, in terms of health and wellbeing.

I can’t believe we are in March already in 2017 but we are.

My favourites things this year so far has  been, using my Balis and Harding gift set, I bought at Christmas and my Botanics from Wilkinsons. (See below)


I would definitley recommend. At the moment I am using my tinted the Avon Skin So Soft tinted body lotion, thats what I used today after my shower, along with The Original Champneys Health Spa Citrus Blush Enlivening Body Butter.


Would recommend and would buy this again, it is now about £8.00 for the body butter, but I don’t mind paying for that product, if it lasts for a long time and feel good quality. It is very smooth to put on and great if you just want to moisterise and then get dressed and go.

My favourite song has been the song, Human by Rag ‘n’ Bone Man. Brilliant song, my favourite this part of the year.

A song played by radio Jackie yesterday whilst travelling back from dropping of something for my mum and to pick up my laptop and it is a song called, I won’t let you down again, by Ph. D; takes me back as a young child, and must have been when I first heard it play. It came out in 1982, and as a child we often would play around in Chelsea in London, because that was where my nan lived, and my parents friends were.

It was in a Public House (Pub) called The Riley. No we didn’t drink but back then it wasn’t so frowned upon for kids to be in a pub. There is an estate at the back of this pub, aswell as some shops along side it, where many of my mum and family lived, and we would play in the play ground there a lot.

I remember, because we would travel from Hammersmith,  having to wait ages for the number 11 bus to take us there. You think the transport and traffic is bad now, we would wait a good hour some days for a bus to turn up. However there were no Oyster cards bac k then and it wasn’t that expensive to travel by bus then or train.

Chelsea the place itself, has always been famous since I remember, especially the Kings Road for being the trendy place to be, and still is. It has built up since the days I used to spend my childhood there, that slowly but surely some of the old Chelsea has slowly disappeared. Nevertheless I have some great memories of the passed, and it is still a place I like to go back to even if it is travelling by bus or walking along the embankment.

What music brings back your memories would alive that make you smile. Also what skin care products have you used that you would recommend. I would love to hear from you.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X