Celebrate National Women’s Day


Yes today is National Women’s Day, and I do think being able to grow another human being inside  your tummy,  is truly magnificent if not a miracle.

We I think as women not saying men don’t as well, but put a lot of pressure on ourselves,  I am so guilty of that. So have that manicure, that steaming hot bath, that dress you have had your eye on and have that glass of wine.

Why not, we have something to celebrate.

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The Women who inspire me are people like Oprah Winfrey, because of how honest she has been and the fact she would talk about real life issues, which she has gone through. Her battle with her weight and how I remember one show she read her diaries about her battle with trying to stay slim and the mistakes she made.

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Image above is from: http://www.bing.com/images

The other women are Judy Garland, for her amazing voice, and I think she had an amazing smile; starred in some amazing films one being the most famous, Wizard Of Oz.

Then you have Queen Elizabeth, who hasn’t been well recently, but always makes and effort no matter what. Kate Middleton, now Duchess of Cambridge, I think she has shown how down to earth she is, and how professional she is, and still being a young mum and wife.

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Image from: http://www.bing.com

Diana of course. I cried my heart out when she lost her life and it still makes me tingle with how sad that week was when she lost her life. She gave so much to her charities and effort she went to, to stop Landmines Truly magnificent.

So lets raise a glass to all the ladies who have inspired us and continue to do so.

Many thanks for reading.


Carrie X





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