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What I’ve been up to


Hi Welcome! If you are new to my website then here I post blogs about my everyday living and lifestyle.

I have just written a new blog on my website

We are now potty training Henry so thought I would share with how it is going in my parenting blog (see link above).

I wish everyone a well done, who took part in the London Marathon last weekend, you are all trully A.M.A.Z.I.N.G, some of the stories were so heart felt. I am so determined to do the marathon now, that I will keep trying to enter, even if I do have to beg, or

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Any how I would still want to take on the Virgin London Marathon, I would feel a million dollars if I did. So wish to do it, just one of the things I still got on my Wish/to do lists of events.

I am so shocked with how fast this year has gone fast.

Sorry for the lack of videos, I will do this again, but I have had computer problems so I am at the library today catching up on my blogs.

I am gonna film some of my weekend coming, as my father and mother in law are coming down, so I will film on instagram, and will put a video up on Youtube, once I have computer at home or laptop, in working order.

I did update my fitness blog on my site:

I updated my fitness diary 2017. Being go well, I didn’t go to the gym today because Henry was a bit sad when I dropped him off at nursery this morning, so I have been on standby in case I needed to pick him up.

PureGym is really good gym, and you can pay as you go, it is about £6.99 a session which isn’t bad and am looking to actually join for good. Gonna put that thought on hold for a bit. I am gonna us it Friday morning instead, as I am off the whole of this weekend coming and really looking forward to it.


I will post a blog sharing my weekend and what we did. I do have a plan, but won’t mention because I don’t want to jinx it, just in case. I just hope the sun has its hat on.

I have been posting a lot of products I have been using on Instagram in terms of make up and skincare. I got to say if you need some skincare products, I looked this morning and Boots are doing a load of deals, so gonna head back there shortly and pick something up as I bought a lovely Bronze Eyeshadow Palette from Wilkos for £4 I will post a picture of this on my instagram, to show you.

The link to my instagram page is:

I really love my skincare and make up. I don’t store loads because I am trying my best to use up what I have got, but add to my collection, so it blends into what I already have.

My next buy will be to buy a proper vanity or dressing table, as I like to have actual station for all my make up, but it not set out properly and my son has the habit of taking some of my make up and throwing it, so hence why I need a new dressing table.

I haven’t been watching much TV, but I have been watching a lot of music concerts, like Billy Joel and Elton John, face to face, on Youtube which is available to purchase on Amazon, and Bruce Springsteen, I would love to see him live.

We tend to watch Wipeout UK and Takeshi’s castle in the evenings on freeview channel Challenge.

So that is what I have been up to, and I will post again varely soon again.

Have a fab bank holiday weekend,

Thanks for reading,


Carrie X