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Ground Force day


Hi today I did some gardening no clue really what I was doing but with help from my mum always my saviour, I managed to plant 4 flowering plants with one in water ready to put in my lawn for tomorrow.

Some flowers I had planted

I admit I am not gonna start acting as if I could give Alan Titmarsh a run for his money, but it’s a start.

Anyone who wants to learn how to garden has got to start somewhere​ so see how they grow, must remember to water some more tonight and tomorrow as we are on holiday.

I am so in need of seeing some sea and be near a beach. No more rain not in Bournemouth anyway so I can actually walk along the coast and have proper fish ‘n’ chips.

I have packed and trying to follow advise from hubby pack light, so I have. Three summer dresses, leggins, skirt and vest top. Sports bra, workout top, bottoms and one pair of shoes and flip flops and gonna wear my trainers there with one spare pair of socks. 

So it’s just my hand luggage to sort as well do hubbies cards as it’s his birthday on Thursday.

I will post during or after holiday to share my so needed vacation. I hope if you are away you enjoy yours too.

Many thanks for reading,
Carrie x 

Never stop building your world around you and the ones you love 


I feel I need to pay tribute in my blog this week after the horrible scenes and footage of the terrible extrocites that took place at Manchester Arena, on Monday evening.


I will never give in to terror, and I am still gonna go to gigs, and meet up with my friends and family, as I feel we need to carry on, not allow ourselves to be beaten by these cowardly acts.

I have made various travels to the northern part of britain, following a rugby team, some years back, and they were some of the best times of my life. Having sing offs against the northern crowd, and making friends whilst up there too.

Sport and music are two things that will bring people together, and next time I am at a gig I am gonna sing even louder, and when I am at a football or a rugby match I am gonna cheer even louder.

We need our voices to be heard, and we will not allow terror to stop what our brits do the best, which is sing and shout our voices as high as we can, and say NO MORE TERROR, take it away from the world, as we will not allow TERROR beat us in any way.

There is a song called “Landslide” written by Stevie Nicks, which says a lot of words, and I discovered the tune, from an advert advertising dog food. I know strange but true, and I love the song. When listening to the song, I kept thinking, “How come I haven’t heard this song before now” especially as it is sung by a lady I have seen in concert, and whom I love the music of.

In the song it talks about how we build our world around, our children and the things we love, which we should do, and not allow anyone stop us from enjoying the things we love.

How ever hard life can be, no matter how many hurdles we have to climb, we need to carry on for our own pride and if we need to cry, let it out, if we need to shout, go for it, and then take a deep breath, and focus on the things that you love, what helps get you up in the morning.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

Holiday Fever


Yes I have holiday fever at the moment, even though the weather is some what skeptical. I have been searching holidays in the last week as I am gasping to go on another cruise some where.

If you think cruises are for those who are passed their expiry date, then you are wrong. Cruises are brilliant for everyone, and I personally love them, that every time I think of Southampton, I think of the Quays.

I am soon to be off to Bournemouth with my son and my husband and I can already smell the sandy beach. I have decided I am going to be clearing out my suitcase that is stuck in my son’s wardrobe at the moment, which is loaded with Henry’s old baby clothes, and get started on the packing for our little break away.

I have even decided already, as my husband has already warned me not to take a lot,  on what I am going to be packing away with me. No it does not include the kitchen sink.



We aren’t driving there, but have already booked our train tickets. I would always suggest if you are booking and use the trains a lot to invest in a railcard, we haven’t this time, as we tend to drive most places, and I can always use my Oyster card now, as I tend to most of the time travel by train to London.

Railcards are only £30 or so and saved me a lot of money when I used to travel to London to the south coast a lot. Check out link below:

If you want to save more money, when eating out on holiday, why not invest in getting a Gourmet Society card, Kidspass or a Tastecard.

There are so many ways you can save money, you just have to shop around.

So Bournemouth here we come, so looking forward to the Sandy beach.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

Some changes


Hi All! I have decided to write on this page today, and from now on. Here will be my weekly everyday living and lifestyle blogs.

I am looking forward to the end of the month as I will be going to Bournemouth for a nice break away with my hubby and son.

I will video my holiday, post on my instagram account

Plus on my Youtube account below where all my Days in a life and weekly type vlogs will be posted from now on.

I am planning some more changes for 2018 and one I have decided is that all my blogs will be on my WordPress sites (see links below):

and use my website as like my home search engine page where my blogs and videos will be linked.

I am gonna post more videos on my instagram account, plus I will be posting my videos on this website but also on cazzas  homemade life youtube channel.

I will be letting you know of other changes at we get nearer to next year.

Sometimes a change is what you need, and I am going to be updating my garden so when this done I will post a video of the before and after. I will post a picture of my current look of my Guest bedroom, as all I need to add is more pictures and some more decor and this room after 3 years of planning will finally be complete and I will post a video of this too.

Managing the home can be tricky when you have children, but having husband that is keen on keeping things clean is a massive bonus.

I have been watching a lot of youtube, and I have been watching more on about make up and skincare, as I love skincare and beauty. I do have a regular routine, in the evening and mornings, as I do suffer with dry skin.

I got to say Victoria Beckham tips on make up and fashion have been my favourite things to watch. See video below of one.


So I will be posting more blogs today on my other pages, I am so glad I have library with lots of computers, and I can post using my phone too.

However for this page, many thanks for reading and have a great rest of the week,


Carrie X