Some changes


Hi All! I have decided to write on this page today, and from now on. Here will be my weekly everyday living and lifestyle blogs.

I am looking forward to the end of the month as I will be going to Bournemouth for a nice break away with my hubby and son.

I will video my holiday, post on my instagram account

Plus on my Youtube account below where all my Days in a life and weekly type vlogs will be posted from now on.

I am planning some more changes for 2018 and one I have decided is that all my blogs will be on my WordPress sites (see links below):

and use my website as like my home search engine page where my blogs and videos will be linked.

I am gonna post more videos on my instagram account, plus I will be posting my videos on this website but also on cazzas  homemade life youtube channel.

I will be letting you know of other changes at we get nearer to next year.

Sometimes a change is what you need, and I am going to be updating my garden so when this done I will post a video of the before and after. I will post a picture of my current look of my Guest bedroom, as all I need to add is more pictures and some more decor and this room after 3 years of planning will finally be complete and I will post a video of this too.

Managing the home can be tricky when you have children, but having husband that is keen on keeping things clean is a massive bonus.

I have been watching a lot of youtube, and I have been watching more on about make up and skincare, as I love skincare and beauty. I do have a regular routine, in the evening and mornings, as I do suffer with dry skin.

I got to say Victoria Beckham tips on make up and fashion have been my favourite things to watch. See video below of one.


So I will be posting more blogs today on my other pages, I am so glad I have library with lots of computers, and I can post using my phone too.

However for this page, many thanks for reading and have a great rest of the week,


Carrie X

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