Ground Force day


Hi today I did some gardening no clue really what I was doing but with help from my mum always my saviour, I managed to plant 4 flowering plants with one in water ready to put in my lawn for tomorrow.

Some flowers I had planted

I admit I am not gonna start acting as if I could give Alan Titmarsh a run for his money, but it’s a start.

Anyone who wants to learn how to garden has got to start somewhere​ so see how they grow, must remember to water some more tonight and tomorrow as we are on holiday.

I am so in need of seeing some sea and be near a beach. No more rain not in Bournemouth anyway so I can actually walk along the coast and have proper fish ‘n’ chips.

I have packed and trying to follow advise from hubby pack light, so I have. Three summer dresses, leggins, skirt and vest top. Sports bra, workout top, bottoms and one pair of shoes and flip flops and gonna wear my trainers there with one spare pair of socks. 

So it’s just my hand luggage to sort as well do hubbies cards as it’s his birthday on Thursday.

I will post during or after holiday to share my so needed vacation. I hope if you are away you enjoy yours too.

Many thanks for reading,
Carrie x 

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