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You can’t beat a bit of music


Since my last blog (last week) my world has been focused on Potty training. Check out my blogs on these two sites and

What I can is, it is challenging, but come the evening when all is peaceful in my world, my husband and I have been catching up on the Games of thrones we are still on series 4, get ready for the new series 7 starts.

I do love a box set.

I have also discovered a singer called Harriet, who is a beautiful singer. Sounds so much like Karen Carpenter, with that deep angel like empathy to her voice (easy listening), I would recommend to check her music out, as it like healing music.

Here is her version of the song, Broken For You,

I did watch a bit of Glastonbury, but missed the Top Of The Bill bands and singers as that is a bit late in the evening for me by then, but did enjoy watching parts of the festival on BBC.

I got to say if you never been to a music festival they are worth it, definitely on my list to do’s for next year. Not been to one since I was pregnant, and so in need of one.

Anyway that is it for this week, many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

Enjoying the heat, NOT


Taking refuge from the heat in the library today, as some may like the weather this hot, but sorry to be a hater, but I don’t. I find it is unbearable hot, and both my son and I suffer with hayfever when it is this hot.

Sorry if I am gonna blog I have got to be honest.

It has been two weeks or so since I last blogged so thought great excuse to catch up.

I came across this yesterday, made me smile instantly and think with all the sad goings on in the passed weeks, it is good to watch something that makes you bounce off the sofa and back on again.

Please watch below of Will Smith with his son, on the Graham Norton show doing the theme tune of Prince of Bel Air, and someone else turns up aswell.

I really don’t want to spoil you watching the video above because you just have to keep watching. If you are like me and was a fan of Prince of Bel Air, then trust me you’ll like this.

I also came across this video too, which again also made me smile.

It kind of gives you a clue for the first video, but I think it is worth seeing both.

Sometimes when there are terrible things happening in the world, it is good to find things that make you glee in excitment.

Laughter is an amazing cure, you just have to find the thing that makes you beam inside, onto the outside.

I have been watching the The Voice Kids UK and my favourite performance so far has been this young lady.


I am now catching up on the Game Of Thrones, and had to keep looking away from parts, as it is very gorry.

If you haven’t read my parenting blogs The Parenting Adventures and The Parenting Adventures Tips and Tricks, you wouldn’t know that I am training my son to use the Potty. So I have been focused on that, and boy it is a challenge.

I will be posting on these blogs today too, as I have found some great videos, if you too are potty training aswell, there are tones of advice.

We did celebrate fathers day, by going to my mums and step dads house for a BBQ, and had a little paddling pool. Very nice! Then got back to watch Game Of Thrones. I got to say it is getting good, rewatching 3rd series to catch up where we left off.

Anyway off to blog some more on my other sites, so grab a cup of tea or a cold drinks, and I’ll see you over there.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie  X

My holiday Bournemouth 2017


Here is where we stayed, The Carrington House Hotel cost about £308.50 for 3 nights that included breakfast.

Was a nice hotel we had a good size room which could fit up to 6 people. The dinner was 12.50 per person, Henry our son was free.

The dinner was Buffet style of three courses. I liked the first two courses but cheesecake wasn’t nice.

The Boscombe Beach was gorgeous and we were very lucky with the weather. We walked down along the beach, having a dip in the sea as we walked.

I was envious of those sitting outside a beach hut. I so wanted one of my own, as the people whom had one, looked so relaxed and room to put drinks in and person was even cooking inside one of the sheds.

My hubby and son on the beach. It took my breath away with how lovely the beach was.

On our last day we walked the other way towards Bournemouth Pier and sat on Boscombe Pier on our way back, pure Heaven.

This was taken on our first day on our first walk along the amazing stretch of beach.

On the train back I felt sad that our short break away was coming to an end.

Another photo of the wonderful beach could not stop taking photos was so photo genic.

Above is our train ride to Poole where we meet my husband’s parents and had wonderful fish ‘n’ chips.

Below is of Poole Harbour where we had a bit of retail therapy. My husband bought a new pair of trainers and I bought Henry two pairs of shoes and myself all £3.99 each. I love a bargain.

The boys below watching a group playing frisbee.

Was a fabulous break away and would so recommend it if you are looking to go on a short break away. We will definitely return too.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie x

Sad world 


Once again we think everything is ok and yet another terror attack takes place and in an area, Borough Market, London Bridge, which my hubby and I know so well. 

This terrible incident does not deter me to not go there again. What do these people who create such terror have on me?


My heart goes out to those who were injured and killed. It isn’t just physical injuries that can effect those whom were there but mentally too. 

We now must all pull together and say NO MORE TERROR!

Many thanks for reading,
Carrie x