You can’t beat a bit of music

Since my last blog (last week) my world has been focused on Potty training. Check out my blogs on these two sites and What I can is, it is challenging, but come the evening when all is peaceful in my world, my husband and I have been catching up on the Games ofContinue reading “You can’t beat a bit of music”

Enjoying the heat, NOT

Taking refuge from the heat in the library today, as some may like the weather this hot, but sorry to be a hater, but I don’t. I find it is unbearable hot, and both my son and I suffer with hayfever when it is this hot. Sorry if I am gonna blog I have gotContinue reading “Enjoying the heat, NOT”

My holiday Bournemouth 2017

Here is where we stayed, The Carrington House Hotel cost about £308.50 for 3 nights that included breakfast. Was a nice hotel we had a good size room which could fit up to 6 people. The dinner was 12.50 per person, Henry our son was free. The dinner was Buffet style of three courses. IContinue reading “My holiday Bournemouth 2017”

Sad world 

Once again we think everything is ok and yet another terror attack takes place and in an area, Borough Market, London Bridge, which my hubby and I know so well.  This terrible incident does not deter me to not go there again. What do these people who create such terror have on me? NOTHING! MyContinue reading “Sad world “