Bake Off

I wrote a new blog on my website: I share a Youtube video I watched last night about Sextuplets who I remember watching as a child, and now they are in their 30’s. I just found it inspiring, and made me realise how lucky I am, as those parents of the Sextuplets must notContinue reading “Bake Off”

A True Entertainer

It was on Friday evening when I met up with my husband’s family and we were having a few drinks in the pub called Oasis, in Southampton, when I heard the news about Bruce Forsyth. I went to see him some years ago Live when I went to see the Sunday Night at the LondonContinue reading “A True Entertainer”

Places to go and people to see

I thoroughly enjoyed the Athletic World Championships this year that ended last Sunday, and so happy that Great Britain and Northern Ireland did well in the relays. The Gold medal our boys won in the 4×100 relay was so unexpected that it made the championships even more amazing, as unfortunately Moy Farah didn’t get another gold inContinue reading “Places to go and people to see”

The Rock

Since last week I have been enjoying the Athletic World Championships, being hosted in Londons Olympic stadium. Mo Farah is running again tonight, which I will try my hardest to stay awake for. Its been really good to watch, seeing all the events like the Javolin, hurdles and long jump. We brits have been unlucky, LauraContinue reading “The Rock”