Rainy Summertime


Hey everyone! I didn’t blog yesterday because I wanted to use the time to work on my next book, plus do a bit more walking which hasn’t been going too well but I try to do a bit each day.

I have been loving my evenings watching TV, and watched what I consider a classic, Police Academy 3, I love that film and watching Jamie Olivier at home, where he shows how you can make delicious food buy using and growing your own produce.

I watched the lovely document of where William and Harry speak about their mother Princess Diana, and how much of a great mother and people’s person she was.

image from the Daily Mail 

I think we can all say how proud Diana would be of her two boys. I took my friend up London, enjoying the sites by going on the London Eye Riverboat cruise. I never grow bored of doing that so peaceful and nice and then went to the London Aquarium to see some sharks and penguins.

Then I send good bye to my mum and step dad whom are on holiday now, I so wanted to jump in their suitcase but I am sure they are relieved I didn’t. I was watching some YouTube videos today of planes, because I so want to go on a plane again, but sadly I will have to wait. It is UK for the time being.

I am away this weekend to see family and enjoying the rest of the so called Summer.

That’s all for this week, many thanks for reading,


Carrie x

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