Good old clear out

Hi everyone decided to post on a Saturday for a change as I usually have to work on a Saturday so making the most of my day off, to post. I have written a new post on my blog site: Talking about returning to work after having a child. I have also written aContinue reading “Good old clear out”

Disastrous morning

Yes it was an explosion of pooh, I had to deal with this morning. Sorry if this is TMI, but I had say it, it wasn’t the morning I had planned, especially being nursery day. I feel there will be others who will give me sympathy. I thought it would be okay to have aContinue reading “Disastrous morning”

I love a Car Boot Sale

Hello and I hope you all have had a good week, if you hadn’t seen my Facebook page¬† I sadly lost my dad at the weekend, so been a sad week, but I still nevertheless can a good weekend. We went to a car boot sale in Hook Arena, bought some bits and pieces, aContinue reading “I love a Car Boot Sale”