Getting ready for Halloween

Check out my new blog posts on my other sites: I will be adding more as we go through the weeks. Tonight I am having a night off from parenting and so thought I would catch up on my weekly blog. Half term was good as it meant I got to spendContinue reading “Getting ready for Halloween”

Meal Review and my day out in LONDON

Went to Bills restaurant in Epsom for lunch two Sundays ago and I said I would report back. I had Steak and chips. Was nice, you don’t get much of a portion, for the price you pay, but still nice food. I had a lovely Honeycomb cheesecake, for dessert. Sorry for no picture, I ateContinue reading “Meal Review and my day out in LONDON”

Sunday Girl

It is Sunday evening and I am now ready to get ready for bed and relax for the evening. I like to take advantage on Sundays and get bits done I am not able to get done in the week. I had a steaming hot bath, a nice cooked breakfast in my local cafe, spentContinue reading “Sunday Girl”