Sunday Girl


It is Sunday evening and I am now ready to get ready for bed and relax for the evening.

I like to take advantage on Sundays and get bits done I am not able to get done in the week. I had a steaming hot bath, a nice cooked breakfast in my local cafe, spent some time in the park so my son could have a good run around and then did a bit of shopping in Wilkos.

We then popped to Homebase as we are in the process of changing our home around a bit, and looked for some new lights. I managed to find some that caught my eye.

We then returned home and I had a clear out in my Guest Room/Home Office.

Then my mum arrived with my niece at which my son and niece had fun playing, whilst my mum and I sorted out the garden.

All in all a good structured day. Now watching Strictly Come Dancing results, and soon will depart to bed to get ready for tomorrows adventures too.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


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