Relieved about Christmas

It is two days since Christmas and I can already feel the relief that this year is all done. Well almost. Next it will be new years. I try to avoid the shops this time of year because how busy it all gets, just too many people, and a lot of rushing around. I justContinue reading “Relieved about Christmas”

Christmas is upon us

It is the 21st of December and not being smug, and not trying to cause alarm to others, but I am all set for the festive cheer. Christmas prezzies all bought and taken over to nannies and all there is left is to drive over on Christmas Day, to stay at my mums for Christmas.Continue reading “Christmas is upon us”

Christmas Music

It is 12 days until Christmas and I thought I was done until I realized I had some chocolate father Christmases that I was supposed to give out last year but didn’t so will be giving these to some special people this Christmas. It is OK they are still in date but I only haveContinue reading “Christmas Music”

I love a Christmas Market

It is Wednesday already I had a lovely weekend in Southampton seeing my husband’s family, they had a Christmas Market on which I love and had a drink in the German Bar they had there. This morning I woke up feeling groggy no idea why, but my son has this weekend not been well, hadContinue reading “I love a Christmas Market”

Getting ready for Christmas

It is Friday and I am off, hooray. So nice not to have to rush around getting ready for work, even though this is also kind of my work, but it feels more like a hobby rather than work as I enjoy blogging so much. I have just done my gift guide for babies andContinue reading “Getting ready for Christmas”