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Getting by


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I have started to Home Educate Henry, my son, to help get him ready for when he starts school in September.

For me it is been a bit of struggle as I lost my job just before Christmas, but getting by the best I can. I always get so apprehensive on Wednesdays and Fridays because I have to get up at 6:30am to get Henry at Nursery for 7:30am.

I have been watching Call The Midwife and The Voice, which I am loving at the moment. I can’t get into Dancing on Ice, I watch my favourite which is Cheryl Baker than turn onto something else.

I am having a change around at home at the moment changing our living room around, and taking a piece of furniture from downstairs to upstairs, I will take some photos and post on my  Seasonal Clear up page, on my main site, 

Once it is all complete and post them tomorrow or over the weekend.

My hubby and I’s plan of watching a film in the evenings, didn’t last long we kept getting so tired and then stopping the film halfway through.

Anyway gonna get on now and have some lunch soon, I will post again next week.

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Carrie X

Sunday Funday


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I shared a new workout video I used yesterday, and I am going to  have Youtube workout week. I am gonna do another workout today aswell.

Today my mum took us to see my brothers new place, and now I am home, catching up on errands.

My husband and I have been checking out some movies and I watched Skull Island.

Definitely would recommend, an excellent film.

I  am loving the new song by Paloma Faith song called “Guilty”.

It has been a good 2018, and begun filming again for my Youtube channel. A new Day in  life vlog coming again soon.

Sunday’s I use the day to catch up on bits and bobs, and watching some old films and a bit of football in the afternoon.

What do you do on a Sunday? I would love to hear from you.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie x

What Fridays mean to me


Friday some people will be clock watching for their final day at work to finish so they can get ready for the weekend ahead.

For me I look forward to spending time with my husband and my son. I do like my Wednesdays and Fridays as it is time for myself, and I use it as a way to catch up on my projects like my new book which is soon to be published, I will let you know when and catch up on my blogs.

Fridays was at one time the day I would go out for the evening, when I worked up in London, and would do the same sometimes on a Saturday or Sunday, as I would follow a rugby team.

I like how my life has changed, sometimes it can feel sad that it has, but I like how my life is now and the people who are in it. It is my day to catch up on my “to do’s” and chill as it is the end of the week.

How do you like to spend your Friday I would love to hear.

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Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X



2017 to 2018


The year 2017 has been a funny year which whizzed by as soon as we landed in January and no doubt 2018 will do the same.

The year started off badly with my anxiety getting the better of me and I ended up in hospital and then I lost my job at the end of 2017. On the brighter side I now ready for some new beginnings and the new year is a good excuse for a fresh start.

I have made a few new years resolutions, if you didn’t read my last blog, my first one was to keep up to date with my emails as they do get out of hand, second is to lose some weight as I have put on some extra pounds, so keep up to date with my fitness and last to film again for my Youtube channel.

I think cutting them down to four makes it more easier to follow and achieve.

How was your 2017?

What are your resolutions for the new year ahead?

I would love to hear from you.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X




Carrie X