How other people live

There is nothing more interesting to me than watching how other people live, and I have got into watching some Youtube videos about how a family of three live in a van travelling across Australia. Check out below: I find it refreshing to watch, as it makes me realise you have to make theContinue reading “How other people live”

Cleaning motivation

Check out my new blog post on my site: https://theparentingadventurestipsandtricks.wordpress.comĀ  It has been a tough couple of weeks with no heating or hot water, but now all is OK. With the snow coming and going it has been nice to be indoors catching up on some TV and Youtube, and entertaining my son. I loveContinue reading “Cleaning motivation”

New Book Published

It is Friday the end of another week, I have now published my third book, The Parenting Adventures, Baby to Toddler Years, available from Amazon Click on image below, it will take you to Amazon if you would like to check it out.   I had a lovely mothers day in doors with my son.Continue reading “New Book Published”

Its as if there was no snow

I can’t believe after having all that snow its as if when you look outside, that there wasn’t any snow. This time last week it looked bleak as on Friday I had to wait over an hour for a train just to go 5 stops. It is amazing how nature can cause the whole ofContinue reading “Its as if there was no snow”