Zero Waste

Check out this article which lists 10 ways you can reduce waste. I find articles like this really inspiring and helps me use more, waste less. What do you do to reduce waste? I would love to hear from you. Many thanks for reading,   Carrie X

This time next year

Even though it was a rainy Friday today it didn’t stop me from going out; I had a lovely train and bus ride up to London, seeing some of London’s various attractions, whilst on my way to meet my friend for lunch. I went up to Oxford Circus, it was busy but good to getContinue reading “This time next year”

The Simple Life

End of another week, and it is unlucky for some Friday the 13th April 2018. I have decided that I really want a more simpler life, minimal, as I look around my home and it is still full of stuff I don’t really use and know it will do good being some where else. IContinue reading “The Simple Life”

Watch “$1 CLEANING TIPS! 💙 Bathroom Deep Clean & Organize with Me (feat. Renuzit)” on YouTube

Hi all I love cleaning videos and just watched this one about cleaning your bathroom. Check out link below Many thanks for reading, Carrie x

Comedy Double Acts

It is Friday, end of another week. I filmed my Easter weekend for my Youtube Channel but this didn’t go to plan as couldn’t create my footage to make it into a Youtube Video, so posted the videos on my Google plus account. I was just trying again because I have some videos on myContinue reading “Comedy Double Acts”