Wedding Fever

Since the royal wedding last Saturday I now have wedding fever and won’t stop watching it. It was such a beautiful wedding and day, that now I just want to keep reliving it. It takes me back to my day. I married in Southampton, in a Tudor Hall, which I found whilst watching a documentaryContinue reading “Wedding Fever”

Tips for your wedding day.

It is Sunday, not a day I usually post on, but as I have a free Sunday afternoon to myself for a change I thought I would take advantage. I have already fitted in some exercise, a coffee and some retail therapy, now it is time to write. I came across this article on 5Continue reading “Tips for your wedding day.”

Sunny days

It has been a good Friday so far, my husband is off work so we used the time to visit Sutton, a town in London, to do a few errands. We had to get a costume for our son Henry as he needs it for a birthday party he is going to, and to buyContinue reading “Sunny days”