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A trip to Kingston


Yesterday we (my mum and I) took my son Henry to Kingston Upon Thames, it isn’t that far from where we live and can easily take a overground train there or get there by various buses, check out the TFL website for information.

It was nice weather, not too hot or cold, and we looked around some shops, firstly in John Lewis as we needed to get some more bits of uniform for my cousins, and also to have look around and then had a bit of lunch in Pret a Manger

Then we took a boat ride from Kingston to Hampton court and back. It was only £9 return and was a lovely trip along the River Thames.

Such a lovely day out and you can even get the boat to Richmond to Hampton Court and back.

What lovely days out have you had? I would love to find out.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Visit up to the Southbank


It has been a really good bank holiday, so much so we decided to go the Oak Furniture in New Malden today and purchased a new sofa, for our Living Room.

I will post about this and show a photo on my Seasonal Clean up page, on Once it all arrives.

On Saturday we took a trip to one of our favourite places, the Southbank in London, and they had a food festival going on, as there were a lot of food market stalls, going along the Southbank as you reach the Millennium bridge.

It was good weather too, not too hot or cold, and we walked up to Southwark Bridge then made our way back to Waterloo Station.

We popped in the festival hall on the way there and back aswell, because this is great place if you need the toilet and want to grab a drink or two.

I never get tired of going to the Southbank, but it does get very busy up there now, especially because this is the last bank holiday for the UK, until Christmas.

What did you do this bank holiday?

I would love to hear from you.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


Career change and music


Please check out my new blog on my website:

We have had some success with Henry with the toilet training, and thought I would share because I know other parents are going through the same thing and wanted to help through my blogs the best I can on such topics.

It has gone so quickly this time last week I was doing a First Aid course, as I am now going to be a Nursery Assistant at a local nursery close to where I live and I am looking forward to the new change or career. It was what I wanted to do for a long time and pleased that I persisted and now going to be doing this type of job.

The good thing about my new adventure I can choose what hours I want to do, which works perfectly with my current lifestyle. It is tricky to juggle everything, but what I have learned, you find a way.

I was sad to hear that Aretha Franklin died, such a singing legend, and want to pay a tribute to her and share my favourite song of hers. See below. 

Happy birthday to Madonna, who I have been a fan of for so long, my favourite song is I’m Crazy For You.

Music has been a massive part of my life that I couldn’t imagine my life without it, and it’s artists like Aretha Franklin, Madonna and my boys Bon Jovi that have kept it revolving.

What does music mean to you? and what is your favourite Aretha Franklin and Madonna song? Have you had a change in career and what did it feel like?

I would love to hear from you.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

Pop down to Selsey


After going to a lovely wedding at the weekend, my mum, son and I took a trip down to Selsey to see my Auntie and Uncle and Cousins.

Yesterday we walked a long the coastal line, along by the beach had a bite to eat then walked on into the town.

The town is pretty small but has shops like Boots pharmacy and food places.

We went to see the Lifeboat as my Auntie works there in the gift shop as a volunteer, and we not really allowed, but was let onto the Lifeboat to have a look inside.

There a lot houses, which are holiday homes along the coastal front, and there are a few parks along the way too.

It is a pebbly beach but worth walking along as you can see to you right as you go long the isle of wight and Portsmouth and to your left Bognor Regis.

A lovely little place to go, and would like to do more travelling along the south coast of England as it is worth seeing and visiting.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

Off to a wedding


It is Friday and my hubby and I are off to a wedding in Winchester.

I am looking forward to the drive and going to Winchester not been there before, so will be nice to see the place.

Being married the one bit advice I would give is make the most of the day, because it goes so fast, before you know it, it was a week ago, then a year ago.

I have my outfit ready, the jacket is from New look and the dress is from TKMaxx.

I also have two pairs of shoes, one pair flat and the other a sandal both from New Look, I would take a photo but they are packed safely in my bag.

What you up to this weekend? I would love to hear from you.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

Went to see Mama Mia


It is Sunday early evening and it is still boiling hot, I am melting as I sit in my bedroom to write this post. It is so hot that my son has striped himself naked.

I wish I could get away with that, knowing all our windows are open so my neighbours would get an eye full if I did strip off. I not long have had a cold shower and I am melting again already.

No I am not complaining it is good to have such a good summer but I am typical English gal and not used to this heat.

I have had a good weekend though I went to see Mama Mia 2. I liked it, I thought it was much better than the first one, which now I have to see again, as to be honest I haven’t really sat down to really watch it, but seen snippets, so think I am gonna have a Mama Mia catch up when the second one comes out on DVD, so I can watch both back to back.

He is a snippet from the second film

Earlier today I was playing some of ABBA’s hits whilst my husband was painting our house.

What did you get up to at the weekend? I would love to hear.

Thanks for reading,


Carrie X