I love Alfonzo

If you don’t know who Alfonzo is, he is the guy who played Carlton on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He did the American version of Strictly Come Dancing, called Dancing with the Stars and won. Here he is dancing below: I thought this was brilliant dancing and the fact he was making funContinue reading “I love Alfonzo”

Wedding Fever

Since the royal wedding last Saturday I now have wedding fever and won’t stop watching it. It was such a beautiful wedding and day, that now I just want to keep reliving it. It takes me back to my day. I married in Southampton, in a Tudor Hall, which I found whilst watching a documentaryContinue reading “Wedding Fever”

I love a Royal Wedding

Thank the lord it is Saturday, the weekend, and I am feeling good this morning after having a good rest. Thanks to my mum for looking after Henry, so I could go out with my friends for the evening. We met and had a drink and a bite to eat in Victoria, in London andContinue reading “I love a Royal Wedding”

I have dreams about being on Strictly Come Dancing

Being a massive fan of Strictly Come Dancing, which is the UK version of Dancing with the stars, I been having dreams that I am on the show. No this isn’t a ploy to actually be on the show, as I have to be real to myself, that it is never going to happen, butContinue reading “I have dreams about being on Strictly Come Dancing”

Celebrating my birthday

Last weekend I celebrated my 40th birthday. How do I feel? I feel OK, I not allowing the negative thoughts about it come through, the thoughts of “I haven’t achieved everything I wanted and age and time are catching up with me”, ┬ábut I still got time to achieve all that I want, instead. OnContinue reading “Celebrating my birthday”