Meal for a Tenner Review

I posted a blog about a Meal for a tennerĀ and so here is my review on it. We tried the ones at Tesco and was very impressed, but not with Marks and Spencers which we tried last Saturday. It was lovely meal, but both my husband and I didn’t go much on the Rose wineContinue reading “Meal for a Tenner Review”

A Meal for a tenner

Thanks to my mum, who is the greatest, we have been introduced to the supermarket meal deals. Now each Saturday we now save a tenner to purchase a meal deal. The great thing about doing the meal deal is that you get a bottle of wine with it aswell, for you fellow wine drinkers outContinue reading “A Meal for a tenner”

New video and book

Check out my new fashion video on my fashion and beauty page at It is showing items I have bought from very. I have also written a new book called Being Bullied in a workplace and will be available on Kindle very soon and paperback from I will post another another blog nextContinue reading “New video and book”

End of another week

Its Friday Yippy. No more school run for two days, hooray. Not that I don’t like the school run it is such a mission, as Henry my son loves to watch people going passed, the pond, the trees for squirrels and the buses going by. Today is going to be an easy day for me,Continue reading “End of another week”

Money saving tips

The one thing I try and do this time of the year is to save as much money as much as I can, as I know this is a busy season for me with birthdays coming up and then Christmas. I like to save money by not paying full price on anything, so if IContinue reading “Money saving tips”

Watch “How to Master Your Money & Set Yourself Free with Amanda Steinberg” on YouTube

Check out this video on how to Master your money and Set Yourself Free. Really brilliant video.