15 Everyday Things You Should Do Differently in 2019

Check out this video by The Financial Diet of 15 Everyday things you should do differently in 2019. She gives some fantastic advise on how to do things differently for 2019.

Looking back on 2018

Looking back and reflecting on 2018, it hasn’t been a bad year, with lots of memories to look back on. Taking Henry to the seaside was something I wanted to do this year and we got to do it, check out my blog post I wrote about visiting Selsey to see Henry’s cousins and extended family.Continue reading “Looking back on 2018”

Celebrating Boxing Day

It was a lovely day, my husband and I got to spend some time together just the two of us, and went for a coffee and looked in some shops. I bought a new diary to go with my collection this year from TK Maxx it was £9.99. I will do a video sharing myContinue reading “Celebrating Boxing Day”

Shop bought Mulled Wine

Shopping in ASDA last weekend, no I am not sponsored, as I try to avoid the shops as we get nearer to Christmas, as I can’t stand the chaos, I saw that ASDA were doing Mulled Wine for £2.75. It was delicious, definitely a bargain and worth the price. The Turkey Breast Joint and GammonContinue reading “Shop bought Mulled Wine”

Ten Tips To Escape A Hangover

At Christmas especially at those Christmas parties we can go overboard and get completely drunk, I know I have, and the next morning fill terrible. Here is a article from Realbuzz.com about how to escape the dreaded hangover. https://www.realbuzz.com/articles-interests/festive-health-fitness/article/top-10-tips-to-escape-a-hangover/

My Favourite Christmas Films

My favourite films at Christmas is You’ve go mail with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, I just love the innocence of the movie and how they finally realise that they already know each other. Then Mary Poppins, the old version, not the new one that has just been released. I am sorry but you can’tContinue reading “My Favourite Christmas Films”

Chessington Garden Centre Santa’s Grotto

This week we took my son to the Santa’s Grotto, at the Chessington Garden Centre. You do have to book way ahead of time as it tends to sell out rather quickly, but was really lovely to go. Chessington Garden centre is on the Leatherhead road about two minutes away from Chessington World of Adventures.Continue reading “Chessington Garden Centre Santa’s Grotto”

Parental Hacks/Lifestyle Hacks

Hi everyone, so as you know if you have been reading my blogs for while I love a hack. It is my bestfriend, anything to make life that little bit easier. Please check out this YouTube video below by VasseurBeauty who has 13 Lifestyle Hacks that will change your life. There are so many hacks thatContinue reading “Parental Hacks/Lifestyle Hacks”

Meal Planning at Christmas

This year my husband will be cooking dinner, I do cook too, but when it comes to roast dinners my husband is the chef in our house. We already have our Turkey in the freezer, we have gone for a frozen turkey breast from Iceland’s, the grocery store. When it comes to planning our mealsContinue reading “Meal Planning at Christmas”