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Meal Planning at Christmas


This year my husband will be cooking dinner, I do cook too, but when it comes to roast dinners my husband is the chef in our house.

We already have our Turkey in the freezer, we have gone for a frozen turkey breast from Iceland’s, the grocery store.

Turkey joint icelands

When it comes to planning our meals we buy it ahead of time, to miss the Christmas rush and then it just the case of cooking it all and serving.

I don’t like to rush around and so getting Christmas food already is the key to stop any overwhelming problems.

Check out this post on mumsnet:

Then it is gift wrapping, I like to do it altogether and I am planning on doing my wrapping these next two day’s, it will be fun as I got to look after my son at the same time and he probably want to play catch or some other activity but we see how we go.

I have even found some mini Christmas cakes from Tesco’s yesterday and some mini Christmas puddings aswell. The Christmas cakes were £2 and the little Christmas Puddings were a pound.

I came across this video about meal planning for Christmas. Check it out below:

So I wish you all have fabulous Christmas and don’t panic it is only one day a year.

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Carrie X


Check out this article below of on tips on how to make your work life Healthier.

I am always looking at new ways of getting fit and healthy and this article is right up my street. Check it out in the link below:


Watch “How to Master Your Money & Set Yourself Free with Amanda Steinberg” on YouTube


Check out this video about How to Master your money and Set Yourself Free.

It always good to refresh our minds over money. I am guilty of those instant splurges forgetting I have bills to pay, but watching these types of videos reminds me of how to look after those pennies, and it is so simple.


Strictly Come Dancing Final


I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Strictly Come Dancing final last night, but sad that it had to end. I predicted ages ago in a former blog post that Kevin and Stacey would win. They did have a fantastic partnership and I thought that Craig’s (one of the strictly judges) scores were pretty harsh, I loved their freestyle routine, and their Paso Doble, I thought it deserved a definite ten.

Image result for Strictly come dancing It was great to see Micheal Buble performing, check it out below if you didn’t get to see it.

Least we still have the Christmas special to look forward to. It has been a great series and I thought it was quite open at the beginning, meaning that it was anyone’s competition. There were some real strong contenders.

So what do we have to look forward to on a Saturday night now?

Well you have The Voice on ITV starting again soon and then Dancing on Ice.

Strictly is such a great show that every year I become more of a fan than before.

So what did you think of this series of Strictly? I would love to hear your views.

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Carrie X