Things I would love to see in 2019

The things I would love to see in 2019 are a final deal on Brexit, is it going to happen or not? I would like to see Chelsea get into Europe at least, if we and doesn’t look like it, don’t win the Premiership this year, and be in chance of making it into theContinue reading “Things I would love to see in 2019”

Why I love to read

Reading for me is like watching and film but in words. Books can take you to another world or place, or teach you about life. It is the best tools you can have, and I love to share the books I read, check out my Book Review page on Books can inspire me andContinue reading “Why I love to read”

My Morning Routine

A typical routine for me, is dependent on if I am working at a nursery or not. I work part time as a Nursery Practitioner. A routine for me is essential and helps keep me structured. I am a early bird always have been, not through choice but through my automatic body clock. I usuallyContinue reading “My Morning Routine”

A Trip To Southampton

It was a brilliant new year, one I shall never forget. We traveled to Southampton to see my husband’s parents. Firstly when we arrived we took my husbands real mum and her husband for a coffee in a place called Woolston. Not that many shops, but there is the Woolston Cafe there and they doContinue reading “A Trip To Southampton”