Queens Music Lives on through film

Following on from my previous post TV and Music I am Loving at the moment, I came across this video of Queen Rehearsing for Live Aid 1985. Since seeing the film Bohemian Rhapsody I have become a huge Queen fan. I was before but the film has made me more of a fan now. Here’sContinue reading “Queens Music Lives on through film”

TV and Music I am loving at the moment

The things I am loving at the moment are, I love watching the 100K drop with Davina McCall. I wouldn’t go on it myself, but I find it nerve wracking watching other people try it out. I think it so depends on what questions you get, as they could be anything. I loved the seriesContinue reading “TV and Music I am loving at the moment”

Celebrating Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to everyone. Me and my hubby don’t really celebrate the day as such, but I will cook dinner tonight as per normal. I have never really celebrated Valentines Day I did make the effort when it was the year of mine and my husband 10 year anniversary, but apart from that IContinue reading “Celebrating Valentines Day”