Why I meal plan and how?

Planning meals is very important to me, I don’t bother with breakfast or lunch, but focus on dinner time, as that what works for me. Meal planning for me is essential, as we do end up splurging on food that didn’t get used, and that ends up in the bin. So meal planning to meContinue reading “Why I meal plan and how?”

Celebrating the Easter Holidays

It was a good two weeks off, I was working through part of it, but still got to enjoy the holiday. My son got to do lots of adventurous things, like riding on a bus and train which he loves. He was taken on a Thomas The Tank Engine Train, and didn’t want to getContinue reading “Celebrating the Easter Holidays”

A Great Weekend

Last weekend was brilliant celebrating my friends 40th birthday last Saturday. We had a little hiccup, where by our hotel accommodation was moved, and we ended up staying instead of So Arch Hotel, stayed at the So Kings Cross hotel. Would not recommend the room was very basic, at a cost of £107.40 and theContinue reading “A Great Weekend”