YES, YES, YES! For the first time ever I am going to be doing Blogmas, where I will be posting a blog either on this site, on my main site or my other WordPress sites (see links to these below): This will be everyday from tomorrow the 1st December toContinue reading “BLOGMAS IS HERE! POSTING EVERYDAY FROM TOMORROW 1ST OF DEC TO THE 25TH DEC 2019”

I am glad that Christmas isn’t everyday

I was going over what to write in this weeks blog and the song “I wish it could be Christmas everyday” by Wizzard came into my head, because in thinking about this song, I am glad that Christmas isn’t everyday. If it were we all be skint by the first week of January and moreContinue reading “I am glad that Christmas isn’t everyday”

How I save myself time and money

Almost wrote this on the wrong site, but in some way this information can apply to parenting too, because lets face it being a mum or dad you are juggling a lot of things. it can be very much a balancing act. I have been posting on this site on a Sunday, but thought whilstContinue reading “How I save myself time and money”

Stress free Christmas/Get ahead of yourself

I love blogging on a Sunday so I think I am going to continue to do so for this blog as Sunday’s is more or less a free day for me at the moment so going to make the most of it. Last week I started a new job so couldn’t blog as much asContinue reading “Stress free Christmas/Get ahead of yourself”

Blogging on a Sunday/Home for Halloween

Blogging on a Sunday. Very unusual for me, but really wanted to. This week just gone was my Son’s half term, check my new blog on my parenting tips and tricks site called “Handling half term blues/time for spooks today“Which I wrote on the day of Halloween. We didn’t do any trickle treating, but IContinue reading “Blogging on a Sunday/Home for Halloween”