How I save myself time and money

Almost wrote this on the wrong site, but in some way this information can apply to parenting too, because lets face it being a mum or dad you are juggling a lot of things. it can be very much a balancing act.

I have been posting on this site on a Sunday, but thought whilst hubby and son were out getting petrol, I would take advantage.

I wrote a blog post similar to this one, please check it out: How I save myself time during the days and weeks ahead/A Productive weekend

The key thing for me is GETTING AHEAD OF MYSELF! I wrote a blog on my site: 

Arranging a birthday party/Never try to please everyone its truly impossible

Where I talk about getting ahead of myself. Its what I live by at the moment to help stop me from getting overwhelmed because it is a very busy time of year, like it is for a lot of people, as I have many birthdays before Christmas and helps me get organized.

One tip# How I save myself time and money, by thinking of each step before it is done. You do especially being a parent have to be flexible and adaptable, because often the plans go out of the window but this also helps you should you end up with a child who is sick or an adult even.

1. Always if you have children take change of clothing out should they get sick like a vomiting or diarrhea, even when they are no longer babies, because kids can get sick anywhere. Often there is no warning, but least you have planned ahead, should this occur and have your health visitor and doctors number should you need to make an urgent appointment to see them.

2. Have Calpol to hand and paracetamol, and if they do offers in your pharmacy on such items, which they often do this time of year, take advantage. Like Boots a UK pharmacy, they will often do special offers or give you a voucher if you have Boots card to use on your next purchase. Make sure you check the valid from and expiry date before using.

3. Save for Christmas and birthdays like your children a year or so ahead, and have some idea of what you plan to buy as gifts and where you will be having their birthday or Christmas meal or party some time before hand too. Yes this may change as children’s minds change, but once you have some idea you can easily adapt and make as you get nearer to the day any changes way before, so some items you can tick of your list and prepare should any last minute items come up.

4. Any Christmas dinner and parties you need to arrange, make sure you book way ahead of time usually as soon as venues and restaurants begin to advertise as many can be booked up very quickly.

5. I will use my free weekends to catch up on errands and chores because helps save time in the week, and the same applies for my blogs and writing my books too.

6. One item I used on my parenting blog above, which I wanted to include here, because it is very relevant this time of year, is any store cards like if you have a Boots card, save the points you have earned to help pay for gifts for people or medicines you may need. Make sure if you have a Boots card that you pick up the free Boots magazine, as they will have coupons and vouchers in this too. If you haven’t got a Boots card, then you can still pick this up, but you will have to pay for it instead.

7. If other parents who’s children are in the same school and class and ask if you if would like to participate in making or putting a few quid towards a gift for the teacher opt in. Saves you a lot of time and money. Of course if they ask for an extortionate amount you have to choice to opt out too, everyone’s budget after all is often different however most, well I would like to think, will say any amount is welcome and I usually will give £5 towards a gift and help getting my son involved help make the handmade gift too.

8. Always pack items that you are wearing and your children will wear the night before, and set any own clothes days and event days at your children’s school and diary on your Calendar, paper or digital because lets face it, it is easy to lose track and forget. One thing I learned recently to do, and I always us Google Calendar because it is free and you can check it everywhere you go.

9. If you fancy some TV time to yourself but don’t often get the chance, which is quite regular in my case, set a day and time in your calendar too. We often just need that time to do other things other than chores and look after our kids. I tend to use the days off whilst son is at school even if it is for half or an hour. Of course if you work full time, then I tended to use the evenings, and when I do my exercising I set my alarm and extra half hour early before my son and hubby are due to get us or whilst cooking dinner in the kitchen, in the evening. Alternative my husband will do his exercise and catch up on TV when my son and I have gone to bed at night on some evenings too.

10. Clean as you go and whilst you are waiting. Example whilst I was waiting for the kettle to boil to sterilize one of Henry’s cup which I do still recommend to do especially if they take them to school, because it is surprising how many germs they can pick up if not careful, I did a bit of dusting in my Living room and a quick clean is just as a effective as a long cleaning session as it helps get ahead and stay on track.

So I hope this information was helpful and if you have any other tips of how to save time and money please share, I love sharing these types of tips and ideas and when others do too. All comments can be left below.

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Have a great weekend everyone!

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Carrie X

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