THE FIRST BLOG FOR BLOGMAS! Make your own Advent Calendar and bring romance back this Christmas!

HELLO AND WELCOME TO THE FIRST BLOG FOR BLOGMAS! If you didn’t know I will be posting blogs on one or more (seeing how it goes) of my blogging sites for 25 days from today until Christmas day.


The first blog post I wanted to write was about Making your own Advent Calendar and bring romance back this Christmas!

I made my son’s own Advent Calendar this year and yes I spelled Advent wrongly which I realised after sharing on Instagram, so I will add the D whilst son is a sleep tonight and hopefully he’ll my son will be none of the wiser.

You can make it as snazzy as you like and can be very cost effective way to save on Advent this year. I didn’t want Henry to just have chocolate because he eats that everyday and we want to cut down on his chocolate in take as too much is not good for them and I got the idea from watching a video by Louise Pentland about Advent Calendars and ideas for it.

I got my boxes from Amazon and it came as a huge bundle with string and came as 80 boxes so I will be using some for putting some Christmas Presents into, and will have some left over for next year.

Here is a link so you can see these boxes on Amazon along with the stickers:


The stickers I bought separately. but again these came from Amazon too and again I have a lot left over so can use them for my planners, to add to my gift wrapping, there is so much I can do.

The items inside are some gifts my mum had from Christmas crackers from last Christmas that had not been used, I bought some packs of little cars, bikes and trains to go inside. Yes they were for 3 years + but I know Henry still loves playing with such things and so will get so much joy out of them.

These you can get from a local toy shop or stores such as Poundland.

I have added a few chocolates inside a few boxes, which were ones we had left over from halloween and my husband loves to get boxes of Roses, Quality Street and Heroes when they are on offer so used some of these and also included some experiences. These were a bus tour around London with mum and dad to see the lights at Christmas, which we have booked via Groupon.

This was with 56% off. A day at a zoo or farm and a visit to Battersea Park to play football and walk along the river during half term, because he really enjoyed that when we did that during Autumn’s half term.

You can put in what ever you want and whatever budget you have. I even used the paper hats you get in Christmas crackers to put inside some of the boxes, as Henry loves hats at the moment.




To Bring romance back this Christmas then instead of waiting for your spouse to do it, because lets face it not everyone has romance in their body and have no idea that you want more romance unless you say, create it yourself.

Romance is like the word success IT CAN BE WHAT EVER YOU WANT IT TO BE!

  1. Create them an Advent Calendar with promises you will make to them each day, example “I will stop assuming you know what I am thinking and will communicate better so you know what it is I want”. I often forget that Elv much as he is good at a lot of things, is not able to read my mind, and thankful that he can’t, but then I get annoyed because he didn’t do something that I had in my head. He can’t see what’s in my head unless I say, so one thing I have and will continue to work on is to not assume but say. You can make Promised, like to make them lunch everyday for work if you don’t already, take them to their favourite restaurant for a meal, and make a note of each promises so you remember too.
  2. Set a date in the Diary and plan a date night before Christmas without the kids. I love my son to the moon and back, but we all need that time to ourselves, alone and with our spouses, partners and loves ones, without being interrupted because your child wants a particular programme on the TV. Once you set a date stick to it and you don’t have to necessarily have to go out, out, but like me and my husband did yesterday. We were supposed to be watching football at our local club in Leatherhead, but the game got cancelled so instead we picked up some Fish N Chips and chilled and relaxed and watched some football on the TV instead.
  3. Good old fashioned breakfast in bed. I often and no I am not saying I am perfect because I know I am not, I will whilst I make a cup of tea and do my son’s brekkie will make Elv some toast, or even scrambled, fried or boiled egg on toast and take it upstairs so he can eat it with a cup of tea whilst watching some Saturday or Sunday morning TV.
  4. Use your days off and weekends to do something a bit different to the norm. Check out Groupon, Virgin Experience Days, Red Letter Days, etc for different offers on meals and experiences. Give that to your love one as part of their Christmas Advent Calendar or Christmas gift.
  5. Create a play list or a CD with all the songs that you and your spouse/partner/girlfriend/boyfriend love to listen to and marks certain parts of your’s and their lives. Example for us: A Groovy Kind of Love by Phil Collins, because this was our song that played when I walked up the aisle to marry my husband.

If there are other things you would like to add that I haven’t of how to bring romance back into your  life this Christmas then please share. You can leave a comment below.

I will be posting again tomorrow on one of my other websites to continue Blogmas, so please see links to my other sites below:

Enjoy the rest of Sunday!

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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