10 Great Christmas Hacks

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Yes it is Day 4 of Blogmas and I have already written one post today on my website:


Sharing some Gift Ideas and Offers and be quick as a lot of the items are on limited sale and running out of stock.

Anyway in this blog I am sharing 10  Great Christmas Hacks. I love a good hack and so I hope these will save you a lot of time and money.

  1. Instead of using a Christmas stocking or wrapping paper, why not use a pillow case or even a single duvet cover. That’s what I am doing for my son this year and if you can sow why not sow their names on it or tie with ribbon with a label. As a kid this is what we were given as a stocking and can save you a lot of money on wrapping. Or you can use luggage bags, there are some I share on my first blog I wrote today (see above) on Groupon which would be great to put some little gifts in, and then they can use it as a luggage bag or storage aswell.
  2. Use clothes tags like I have done, which you get when you buy products and clothing and will do this, this year aswell and cover with craft paper and stickers so you don’t have to spend any money on a single label. Or like I have also done bought a box of 80 Christmas labels, for items and cards that need to be sent into the post, or even better print some of your own. I did that one year, can’t at the moment as printer not working, but can save you heaps.
  3. Rather than buying different types of wrapping paper for girls and boys, why not buy a huge roll of brown paper and if you can draw, draw some lovely picture on it to do something a bit different or use stickers. Write a little quote or a personalised message. And don’t be afraid to use other paper, I have some patterned wrapping paper not necessarily Christmassy but doesn’t mean I can’t use it and will just turn it into festive wrapping with stickers and ribbon, or even use washi tape if you have any.
  4. If you don’t want to get any more new baubles for your tree and do something that can get kids involved and they like crafting get some stencils which you can print free online or if you have programmes like Microsoft publisher for example and create some stencils, have them cut these out and make some stars, pictures of Santa Clause, baubles and use glitter, colouring pens, crayons to decorate, use a pin or a hole punch to make a hole, if you have some ribbon or string, tie that thorough the hole, make a knot and there you have your own created decor for your tree. You can also do the same for other decor, like create if you have a load of photos that your are not sure what to do with, make a collage, on paper with stickers, cards and craft paper, etc and use a frame out of paper or card too, and then you can get some good sticky removable wall stickers that you can stick the collage with on a wall and them easily remove and there you have some Christmas home made decor. Or like I have done with a frame upstairs, is have it on a windowsill for display.
  5. Not sure if this is really a hack but we do it when we buy a chicken or a joint of meat for our Sunday lunch and really saves us a lot of time at that is cook your turkey or whatever joint of meat your having the night before,and then all you have to do is bake the baked potatoes and vegetables.
  6. Use any pillow cases and duvet covers that aren’t being used as storage bags to keep your Christmas decor dust free and in a safe place where they won’t get broken, attack a label once filled and store in a cupboard ready to use for next year.
  7. One thing I have done is have everything for the dinner table already on Christmas blanket, like the napkins, with knifes and forks and spoons, take each corner of the blanket or table cloth carry it onto the table, straightened the cloth on the table and then laid out the place mats, coasters and utensils required without having to do it all bit by bit and you can do the same when tidying it away into the kitchen, saving yourself having to pick up little bits of food that can drop to the floor and then its just put all cutlery and table wear that can be washed in the sink and cloth if reusable into the washing machine.
  8. Any baubles you do have left over that didn’t make it onto the tree this Christmas why not make them to give a bit of extra decor into a pretty basket or you can even use a bowl, you can even use some dried fruit or pine cones and place onto a shelve on top of a your dashboard or on your dining table and you have your own free centerpiece. Check out my example of the one I created which I have done since last Christmas and it helps make the table glow even more.

9. If you want to decorate the banisters but you don’t want to buy a reef and spend too much then why not use some scarfs or thick ribbon, and attach some very cheap fake flowers.

10. If you want to create some hampers but you don’t necessarily want to buy loads of baskets and shredded paper, then why not use your own shredded paper if you have a shredder at home, or cut up some paper or you can even use cotton wall balls, and cover with some spare fabric, like cut up a blanket you no longer use for example, and use a storage box you no longer need and then you just buy some cellophane which isn’t expensive at all and then there you have your own hamper. The contents of the hamper doesn’t have to be a lot either. If you have any hot chocolate sachets that still got a while to expire that you haven’t used, a mug you no longer need but it is in good condition, if you have a bag that that has never been used, you can be as creative as you like and for example when making my sons own Advent Calendar this year please check out my last post on this site THE FIRST BLOG FOR BLOGMAS! Make your own Advent Calendar and bring romance back this Christmas!

I used some items that were from some previous Christmas crackers which had never been used. So there are so man things you can do to save yourself time and money, but still have a very merry Christmas.

Image result for free cheers images

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If you have any hacks for Christmas that I haven’t mentioned that you would like to share with me and others who read my blogs on this site, then please leave a comment below.

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Many thanks for reading and have a great rest of the day,


Carrie X

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