Talking shopping and meal ideas

Hi all Talking Shopping and Meal Ideas today as I love this sort of content and filming it. My favourite meal of the day is my dinner and I do like to plan my meals for the week and each day. I may not always write them down but I do still like to have a good idea of the dinners I wish to make.

We tend to do a shop on a Wednesday or early Saturday morning the best times and less busy. Talking shopping and meal ideas I am going to post multiple meal ideas we have.

Here is my first one a Chicken Stir fry:

We do like to have the odd take away not each week but on occasion and for me it is all about moderation.

I have now gotten into buying some vegan and Gluten free items like chocolate and I am a sucker for a cake or a biscuit, but I I am gonna try to eat more of these types of foods, as I do find I suffer with bloating and want to be more healthier.

I would say the system that works for us is to have magnetic board up in our kitchen and I mark of each meal we have had, as we go through the week and we stock up our freezer. I would not live without this item along with my slow cooker.

I have also filmed two other videos one is an announcement of my changes that I mentioned in previous blog New Year and new me

The other I have  filmed is about What’s in my Make up bag which I will add to another blogpost in a couple of days.

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