I now know why Charles Dickens invented the character scrooge. Christmas is great from January to November, but I want it to be over by the 1st of December.



I want to be happy today, but I am feel like “Miss Muggins” today, because I eventually got round to doing my Christmas cards on Saturday, still got some to do and then yes I wrapped up a few more gifts in the early hours this morning,whilst I felt in the mood.

However this quickly faded. I don’t want to bring people down but I feel like I should share some home truths, and want to shout it out loud.

I now know why Charles Dickens invented the Character scrooge, because Christmas is great from January to November, but I want it to be over by the 1st of December. 

Yes I know “THE SEASON TO BE JOLLY” but then you look at your bank balance, and see you have no money.

You get angry like I do wrapping those gifts,following hacks that can often be missed. When I can’t untangle the cellotape that rips off the paper to then really makes me miffed and then all I want is to get very pissed.

But how can I though with no bank balance to show.

I went to Waitrose to find out that I had no money on the go. 

So lets make a deal from now on I will, no longer be spending on things that will bring me debt but all I want is happiness from the year to the next.


Blogmas day 17 blog will be coming tomorrow, so see you then whilst I find a way to bury my sorrow.

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Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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